’10ish Podcast’ has a top 10(ish) list of nearly anything you can think of

Comedy November 20, 2021
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Who doesn’t love a good list? A grocery list, a bucket list, a favorite movie list, a list of all of the people who have wronged you and must pay for their crimes. And that is what “10ish Podcast” is dedicated to: lists of the top 10-ish highest grossing movies, most successful apex predators, most acclaimed Quentin Tarantino films, most embarrassing social situations, etc. As entertaining as it is educational, “10ish Podcast” is definitely five-ish out of five stars.

Being privy to the conversations between host Nick Emel and sidekick host Brandon Coffman will have you wanting to jump in with your own opinions. “10ish Podcast” covers a wide variety of topics to keep it all interesting, and sometimes, the lists are backed by data – sometimes they aren’t. With its originality, genuine friendship between the hosts, and their struggle to come up with educated guesses on whatever is next on the Top 10ish list, we’re glad to have had it suggested to us by the hosts of “Criminality.”

Maybe you think you have the worst job in America, but unless you’re a retail salesperson, newspaper reporter, lumberjack, or taxi driver, sorry but you didn’t even crack the top four. Which, honestly, we didn’t know what to expect from that list.

Some of the lists may seem easy: we know that Avatar, Titanic, and at least one Avengers movie will make the list of the 10ish top grossing movies. But we don’t think we could even name a single time travel paradox, let alone the five that Nick and Brandon deem to be the best. The 10 most-hated household chores? The 10 leading causes of divorce? The 10 best Seinfeld side characters? How can these be quantified?

Well, luckily you don’t have to think about it too hard if you don’t want to. “10ish Podcast” is here with the 10ish most things ever. It is effortlessly funny and honestly, kind of relaxing. Also, if you love heated conversations, here is inspiration to spark some. Be sure to check out “10ish Podcast” if you’re looking for your next podcast binge.

Listen to ’10ish Podcast’

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