‘2 Complicated 4 History’ shares fresh perspectives with Dr. Lynn Price Robbins and Isaac S. Loftus

History January 24, 2023
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Primary Source Media, LLC’s “2 Complicated 4 History” looks at history’s “deleted scenes.” Historian and documentary editor Dr. Lynn Price Robbins co-hosts with documentary creator Isaac S. Loftus as they’re joined by guests each episode. They’re deep-diving into history and sharing new insight on topics you’ve likely already learned about.

Stream the podcast’s episodes in any order. Upcoming guests will include Karin Wulf, Cassandra Good, Marcus P. Nevius, and many more.

Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky joined the first episode to chat about developing an American identity at the end of the American Revolution. They’re exploring questions such as: Who was an American? How has the idea of being American changed over time? Would the founding generation have the same definition of an American in modern times? For more on these topics, check out Dr. Chervinsky’s book, The Cabinet, all about the American government’s foundations and creating the Cabinet.

Dr. Lynn Price Robbins received a PhD in U.S. History from George Mason University. Her co-editing credits include “George Washington’s Barbados Diary, 1751-52,” “The Papers of Martha Washington,” and more. She authored “The Women of George Washington’s World,” an essay on Martha Washington. Dr. Robbins’ areas of focus include the creation of Washington, D.C., manumission, and the American Colonization Society.

The podcast’s co-host, Isaac S. Loftus, works on projects about the past and self-identifies as a “disaffected playwright,” according to his Twitter profile. The co-hosts met years ago when they worked together on a docuseries about George Washington. For the project, they spent time talking to historians and those conversations branched out into longer narratives that did not make the docuseries’ cut. This podcast is a space for the co-hosts to share these conversations.

Fans of “Reflections of History,” “The NPR Politics Podcast,” and “History is US” might also enjoy “2 Complicated 4 History.”

Tune in biweekly for new episodes of “2 Complicated 4 History” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘2 Complicated 4 History’

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