Crimes, cover-ups, and cold cases: ’48 Hours’ is the audio version of the true crime TV series

True Crime December 1, 2022
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CBS News Radio presents “48 Hours,” the audio-only experience of the popular true crime TV series. Each week, tune in for episodes hosted by CBS News’ award-winning correspondents as they investigate fascinating crimes and justice cases.

Stream the standalone episodes in any order with the average release running less than an hour. Since 2015, the podcast has released over 500 episodes hosted by contributors like Erin Moriarty, Natalie Morales, Peter Van Sant, and David Begnaud. There are episodes on murders, missing persons, mysteries, kidnappings, untimely deaths, and more crimes from every facet of the human experience.

A recent episode examined Michael Politte’s case, when he was convicted for killing his mother at age 14. He maintains his innocence and claims to know the killer, saying he is still at-large.

When Annette Schnee and Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer’s bodies were found in 1982 outside a ski town, a man saved from a snowdrift wound up being their killer. Hear about this story in the episode titled “Last Seen in Breckenridge.”

In the “COVID Cover-Up” episode, learn about the search for Gretchen Anthony, a mother who had Coronavirus at the time of her disappearance. This episode explores if COVID-19 was used to conceal a crime.

Roxanne Wood’s murder was deemed “unsolvable.” On an episode, correspondent Peter Van Sant reports how an undercover cop, a DNA detective, and a cigarette butt led to the killer.

There are plenty of episodes where social media and technology were the keys to solving cases. In “The Snapchat Clue,” Chandler Halderson’s parents disappeared, and social media was used to get to the bottom of the case. “The Psychiatrist and the Selfie” shares a story where a psychiatrist was accused of brainwashing her cousin with killer intent. Bianca Devins died at age 17, but how did images of her murder go viral?

To watch episodes of “48 Hours,” tune in Saturdays at 10/9c on CBS and Paramount+. New podcast episodes are available on Sundays.

Listen to ’48 Hours’

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