A few red flags lead to shocking life discoveries in ‘Something Was Wrong’

True Crime May 16, 2022
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**TW: This podcast shares graphic descriptions of physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual assault, substance use, and other crimes. Listeners’ discretion is advised.**

Wondery’s “Something Was Wrong” is a storytelling documentary series revealing abusive relationships, life events, trauma, recovery, and discoveries that will shock listeners. The podcast’s theme song sings: “You think you know me / you don’t know me well at all…” These lyrics suitably capture the victims’ stories shared, filled with deception, crime, and other terrors over 13+ seasons.

Start “Something Was Wrong” from the beginning of each season, hosted by Tiffany Reese. Some seasons, like 10 and 11, can be streamed in any order since each episode follows one story in 1-2 parts. There are so many webs of deceit that get unravelled in this podcast.

This series spreads awareness for victims of crimes like domestic assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and more. The podcast is a platform to empower and validate survivors, one story at a time. Each episode also provides resource links for anyone currently in dangerous situations.

All stories are true as told by real people who share their tales of horror. Friends and family members also join episodes to fill in necessary details for listeners. Many individuals featured unfortunately see how red the flags can get before realizing they need to exit the situation as safely as possible.

There are instances of partners deploying psychological warfare, stories of manipulation, stalking, coercion, and even deaths. For example, Kenzie and Joe’s story from Season 12: Kenzie thought Joe was charming, funny, and successful, and fell in love. From Joe’s alleged film career to his involvement with Witness Protection, to claiming he suffered from cancer, and Kenzie eventually finding out about his double life, the stories take so many twists and turns.

If you watched Bad Vegan on Netflix, “Something was Wrong” might also be of interest. We also recommend this series for fans of The Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna, and podcasts like Swindled.

“Something Was Wrong” won an Iris Award, and listeners can submit their stories to be featured on future episodes. Tune in weekly for new, weekly episodes, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Something Was Wrong’

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