An underground cell, eco-terrorists, and environmentalists: a former fugitive shares his story in ‘Burn Wild’

Society & Culture October 15, 2022
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For over 10 years, two of America’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists topped the FBI’s list for leading an eco-terrorist movement in 2005. The FBI’s Deputy Assistant Director identified these 2 individuals as a “domestic terror priority” in America. Since then, 1 former fugitive, Joseph Dibee, has been found.

In BBC Radio 5 live’s podcast “Burn Wild,” journalist Leah Sottile and producer Georgia Catt interviewed the former fugitive and explored challenging questions. In this 6-part podcast recorded over a span of 18 months, hear how you can effectively bring change to the planet, when you’ve gone too far to “stop the planet burning,” and what happens next when you cross the line.

Start the podcast from the beginning with all episodes running less than an hour. In this series, listeners will learn about an underground radical environmentalist group that concerned the FBI as domestic terror threats and hear Joseph’s story firsthand.

Joseph was charged with his affiliation to a group called The Family.

His crimes were connected to this underground cell, whose actions were committed in the name of the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front.

Over 15 years ago, the other fugitive, a woman deemed an eco-terrorist, evaded law enforcement and disappeared. Leah spoke with the agent who almost tracked her down. We’ll learn more about this agent’s goal to find her before retirement.

Joseph shared what it was like to be on the run and flee the country. He spoke with Leah and Georgia in 2021 about his impending trial date, how he first avoided the FBI, and getting caught in Cuba. Episode 4 examined how the word “terrorist” was defined by environmentalists who landed on the FBI’s “domestic terror priority” list.

New episodes of “Burn Wild” will be released through October. 

Listen to ‘Burn Wild’

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