Odd Pod: ‘A Funny Feeling’ gets paranormal with Betsy Sodaro and Marcy Jarreau

Comedy September 15, 2021
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Comedy cranks up the kookiness on our Odd Pod pick this week, “A Funny Feeling.” Hosted by comedians Betsy Sodaro and Marcy Jarreau, the show calls upon guests to share paranormal stories and weird experiences.

What happens if you live in demon-infested house, have cats that try to kill you, or hold a seance that unleashes the unknown? “A Funny Feeling” is dying to know the oddities of your experiences, as this podcast calls upon listeners to submit stories for upcoming episodes, and you’ll find yourself laughing along the way.

Betsy Sodaro is an actress, and often performs at Los Angeles’ Upright Citizens Brigade. Marcy Jarreau is an actress and writer, who is also known for her work on Scott Aukerman’s podcast “Comedy Bang Bang!”

In over 200 episodes of “A Funny Feeling,” we’ll also hear from actors, writers, producers, intuitive tarot card readers, mystics, and more in each episode. The podcast’s format is so good, and you’ll never quite know what to expect! Sometimes, the episodes will kick off with a casual celebrity guest interview, then segue into paranormal-based topics. Episodes detail encounters with pixies, Ouija board summonings, ghosts, famous hauntings, and more supernatural tales.

We’ll hear from College Humor’s Katie Marovitch on how she would need scientific explanations in order to believe in the paranormal’s existence. But, she does have an occasional déjà-vu and inexplicable premonitions.

Gossip Girl rebooted over the summer on HBO Max. One of the show’s stars, Jonathan Fernandez, shared that so much has changed since the show ended eight years ago. Marcy and Betsy never watched the original production. Jonathan only starting watching the original for research when auditioning.

Jonathan says the hosts will recognize the actors from Gossip Girl’s Upright Citizens’ Brigade-inspired episode when the cast visits their version of the theater. Before Gossip Girl, Jonathan was on the reboot of Lethal Weapon. The hosts speak about the Netflix show, You, and joked if Penn Badgley’s character was actually Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl’s original universe.

Jonathan identifies as agnostic and does not dispel any supernatural existence, nor does he fully believe. He doesn’t have any legit paranormal stories, so he shares one of his wife’s. This episode also discusses UFOs, cremations, and Viking funerals.

So if you’ve ever stayed at an alien hot spot, been abducted, had a past life regression, or experienced anything extraordinary, your story submission is fair game for the show.

This podcast is a Headgum production. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘A Funny Feeling’

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