‘A Kids Book About: The Podcast’ is your back-to-school best friend

Education August 13, 2021
Listen to ‘A Kids Book About: The Podcast’

Grownups – looking for an educational podcast for kids as they head back to school? “A Kids Book About: The Podcast” shares information on major topics geared toward a young audience. Brought to you by A Kids Podcast About, the show is based on the A Kids Book About series. This educational podcast for kids and grownups is an excellent resource for knowledge and empowerment, especially when sharing new ideas and different concepts with kids.

Each episode speaks with an author from the specific book from the series. Matthew and the author focus on the theme or concept. Some example topics discussed include racism, body image, diversity, emotions, and feminism. 

Hosted by teacher and librarian Matthew Winner, this podcast is a great tool for parents to use as a conversation starter for all sorts of topics and connect with kids. Matthew and the authors present the concepts in a smart, engaging, and age-appropriate manner. Kids voices appear on the show, too, and they are asked about the topics. Each episode features a listener’s question and it is answered by the author and Matthew.

Meir Kay, author of A Kids Book About Optimism, describes what it means to be optimistic in a recent episode. Meir explains his personal experiences with how optimism can help shift outlooks. It opens the door to enable more kindness and positivity in one’s worldview. Meir speaks about ways one can express optimism through their energy, by encouraging words, and practicing joy.

Meir shares that when he broke his arm, he was sad. But he was optimistic that it was going to heal. His peers signed his cast and were very kind to him, and even though he wasn’t feeling great due to the injury, the kindness made him feel optimistic. During the injury, he also found new ways to grow and connect with people. Meir discusses how humans are fear-based and these emotions are based on survival. Pessimism is also described.

The creators of the show have developed two spin-off podcasts. “Is That True: A Kids Podcast About Facts” explores how we know if something is true. Each episode, journalist and host Arionne Nettles joins fact-checkers and other guests to find evidence to support knowledge. Listeners can submit facts to the show to be featured. The first episode spoke about whether or not monarch butterflies are poisonous. The new “Camp Adventure: A Kids Summer Camp Podcast” even virtually takes listeners to camp!

Listeners can tune in weekly for more episodes. Grownups and kids can check out A Kids Book About’s website for more information about the series.

Listen to ‘A Kids Book About: The Podcast’

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