A New England urban legend turns deadly in the ‘Blackwood’ podcast

True Crime August 31, 2021
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Blackwood, Connecticut has been haunted by the mythical Blackwood Bugman for decades. Interested in this urban legend, future-investigator Molly Weaver, town-royalty Bryan Anderson, and new kid Nathan Howell started a podcast about the Bugman. Their investigation quickly spirals out of control, discovering that the legends seem to be true. Multiple deaths and disappearances have occurred in the woods that the Bugman supposedly stalks. The police force are unwilling to investigate these mysterious happenings, but maybe for good reason.

The “Blackwood” podcast is a dramatic thriller following the recordings created by the trio. The fictional podcast is reminiscent of the cult classic Blair Witch Project: the recordings were found by an unnamed narrator who is the first voice we hear at the start of the podcast. He tells us that something terrible has happened to the original three hosts, which becomes a harder pill to swallow as we grow connected to these teenagers.

What starts out as a campy audio drama quickly devolves into chilling discoveries of serial killers, secret societies and supernatural entities. It holds on to a teen drama-like feel: evocative of the first season of Riverdale where curious teens got more than they bargained for. The podcast then begins with Molly Weaver’s insatiable curiosity about The Blackwood Bugman, interviewing people on the streets of a small New England town. Quickly, they hear stories of actual murders from people who both think them to be old wives’ tales, and those who think them to be undoubtedly true.

What seems to be obvious foreshadowing and uber-conspicuous suspects is never actually the answer: there’s constant twists in the story as the trio dives deeper. When they find an envelope at the end of the first episode addressed to Nathan underneath a tree where a man was found hanging a few days earlier, they know that someone is watching them. They suspect police, family members, a woods-bound serial killer, and even consider supernatural creatures to explain the deaths and disappearances.

A story of cults, dark family histories, accidents, murders and myths, Wondery and Skylark Media’s “Blackwood” podcast is a thrilling audio drama. You won’t be able to stop listening until the very end. Listen to one of the top audio dramas from 2018 with “Blackwood”.

Listen to ‘Blackwood’

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