‘Affirmative Murder’ mixes true crime with comedy, sharing murder stories from marginalized communities

True Crime November 22, 2021
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Comedic true crime podcasts are favorites with listeners, contrasting lighthearted fun with otherwise tragic topics. “Affirmative Murder” excellently combines these genres while hosts Alvin Williams and Francel Evans try to make each other laugh when sharing true crime stories involving marginalized communities, minority victims, and more.

This series is going strong with over 200 episodes and counting, which you can listen to in any order since they’re case-specific, and cover a few per episode. The average episode length is 90 minutes, and new updates are posted weekly.

The hosts like to share personal updates, news, what’s happening on the Internet, and more on episodes before digging into cases. A recent episode discussed “the power of smell,” and then the hosts recapped an unsolved murder and abduction. In an episode from November, they covered a music pioneer’s death. Last month, the hosts explored Miya Marcano’s case when new details were learned and the missing 19-year-old’s body was found in Florida. They recently unpacked the cold case, “The Angel Of Reservoir Hill,” when an 11-year-old went missing in 1988.

This year, the hosts talked about aliens, civil rights hero Alberta Jones, vigilantes, love triangles turned deadly, and how DNA is being used to solve cases, just to mention a few.

Alvin also hosts the Dawson’s Creek podcast, “Down By The Creek” to document his first time watching the series and chatting about it with guests. He’s convinced that the teen drama’s protagonist, Dawson, was a serial killer, and discussed his theories in episodes. Melissa from the podcast “Criminality” shared “Down By The Creek” and “Affirmative Murder” as picks when the hosts stopped by Podsauce. Melissa joined Alvin and Francel on an episode and thinks the hosts are hilarious.

Francel is a part-time true crime podcaster who works for the USPS and is fascinated with cold cases. Alvin is intrigued by cults and has a more general interest in learning about true crime.

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Listen to ‘Affirmative Murder’

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