IRL prosecutors Alice LaCour and Brett Talley break down true crime news, case updates, and more on ‘The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs’

True Crime August 5, 2022
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Prosecutors Alice LaCour and Brett Talley bring their expertise to 2 true crime podcasts: “The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs” and “The Prosecutors.” In “Legal Briefs,” Alice and Brett break down current events, analyze developing cases, complex sentencing, and trials from the headlines. Start the series from the most recent episode to catch timely coverage with the average episode running less than an hour long.

Presented by PodcastOne, “The Prosecutors” has released over 140 multi-part episodes since 2020, covering trials, murders, disappearances, cold cases, and more. “The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs” has released 8+ episodes since June 2022.

This July, Alice and Brett explored West Memphis 3’s attempts to DNA test evidence. They shared why trial court succeeded, and the prosecutors shared their takes on next steps. Another episode dove into the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to prevent lawsuits against police for using evidence taken without telling people their “Miranda” rights, a system mandated around 60 years ago to understand rights when interacting with police. This same episode explains why TikTok is not your best bet for legal news.

In 2 different episodes, hear about ineffective counsel via Adnan Syed’s case and how a convicted person can get another trial. The hosts talked about wrongful convictions and shared updates on the Moab murders: Kylen Turner and Crystal Schulte. The newlyweds’ bodies were found in July 2021 near a campsite, and a suspect was identified.

An episode detailed Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard’s defamation trial in June. Alice and Brett discussed defamation’s legal standard, the case itself, and the difference between civil and criminal juries. They shared why the trial took place in Virginia.

Sometimes the hosts share listeners’ emails, like info on Dammion Heard’s case, a high school wrestler found hanging from a tree in 2014.

For more with Brett and Alice, tune into “The Prosecutors” with weekly episodes

Listen to ‘The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs’

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