‘American Radical’ investigates Rosanne Boyland’s death at the January 6th insurrection

News May 6, 2022
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Georgia resident Rosanne Boyland was a shy homebody who hated politics. Rosanne’s parents were shocked to learn she died at the January 6th insurrection, stampeded to death in a crowd trying to break through a police line. The Boylands tried to figure out what happened to Rosanne.

With the help of Rosanne’s brother-in-law, Justin Cave, and his old high school friend/MSNBC journalist, Ayman Mohyeldin, “American Radical” shares the investigation and quest for truth.

Begin the series’ 5 episodes in order to hear the story unfold. Episodes are less than 40 minutes each. It fits the bill as a totally bingeable, limited series that can be finished in just a few hours.

“American Radical” reveals unexpected revelations. In the podcast, Ayman trekked back home to Kennesaw, Georgia and backtracked through the final months of Rosanne’s life. He traced clues leading back to childhood, missing boyfriends, sketchy rabbit holes, and the Internet’s role in American radicalization.

3 days after Rosanne’s death, Ayman is called in to explore how she might have been radicalized in a short window of time. By episode 2, we learn about Justin Winchell, who appeared to be a key player in Rosanne’s radicalization. Ayman speaks with the last journalist who interviewed Winchell before he disappeared. There are conspiracy theory YouTube videos leading to Rosanne’s QAnon path, and Ayman learns how this sort of content drives civilians, just like Rosanne, to radicalization.

In the 4th episode, Rosanne’s autopsy report and cause of death are debated. Ayman speaks with Rosanne’s friends and medical examiners for more answers about her final moments. An alternative news site started investigating Rosanne’s death after January 6th, and Lonna Cave, Rosanne’s older sister, regrets her interview. Congress members were called upon to ask if Rosanne was killed by police.

Will Be Wild” listeners might also enjoy “American Radical,” as both discuss the ins and outs of the January 6th insurrection. Stream all 5 episodes, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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