What happened when Putin’s public enemy was killed? ‘Another Russia’ shares Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s story

News August 15, 2022
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When the Soviet Union was collapsing in the 1990s, physicist Boris Nemtsov was President Boris Yeltsin’s deputy prime minister, set to become Yeltsin’s heir. Nemtsov confronted Russia’s rich and powerful oligarchs in scenarios that determined the country’s future.

When oligarchs replaced Yeltsin with Vladimir Putin, Nemtsov was cast outside Russian politics, actively campaigned, exposed corruption, openly criticized Putin, and condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine in 2014. Nemtsov became Putin’s public enemy and was shot 4 times, steps away from the Kremlin in 2015, days before he was set to lead an anti-war protest.

After Nemtsov was assassinated, 5 men were arrested and jailed for murder, but this did not solve all lingering questions. This year, news outlets shared data about an FSB government agent that tailed Nemtsov on planes and trains leading up to his murder.

On Crooked Media’s “Another Russia,” Nemtsov’s daughter, journalist, and activist Zhanna Nemtsova joined Ben Rhodes to share his story. At the time of Nemtsov’s death, Rhodes saw the events firsthand at the White House when he served as President Barack Obama‘s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting. The co-hosts will investigate what happened to Russia, what might follow, and examine if another kind of Russia could emerge in the future.

With Putin in power, Russia has become a dictatorship at war. Nemtsova and Rhodes started recording the podcast a few weeks into Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, with detailed accounts of how Nemtsov’s family battled for another type of Russia and what we can learn from their fight. Nemtsova left Russia over 7 years ago and chronicles her family’s story along with the country’s historical context in podcast episodes.

Stream “Another Russia” in chronological order with all episodes running less than 40 minutes on average. Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘Another Russia’

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