‘Are You Garbage?’ is a comedy podcast determining what is and is not trashy with guest comedians

Comedy January 12, 2022
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We’ve all wondered if we’re a little bit garbage. Whether it’s thinking Dunkin’ Donuts has the greatest donuts and coffee on Earth (look, they don’t have Krispy Kreme in New England) or stealing shampoo from hotels, there are certain things that maybe make us trashy. And finally, here to fully embrace everyone and all of their junk, are comedians Kevin Ryan and H. Foley with their podcast “Are You Garbage?”

“Are You Garbage?” has accumulated nearly 200 episodes since February of 2020, probably due to their twice a week regimen of releasing episodes on both Mondays and Thursdays. Episodes are typically 60-75 minutes long, filled with stories from our hosts and your favorite comedians about what makes them and their families trash.

Keg parties? Kind of trash. Bottomless breadsticks? Delicious garbage. Catholics hating on different religious minorities despite having been persecuted for their religion up until a few decades ago? Oh yeah, garbage. Really, anything can be considered garbage, and Foley and Ryan want to hear about it. And, truthfully, they’re going to get a leg up on any weird stories their guests share.

Guests so far have included Jim Gaffigan, Andrew Schulz, Katie Nolan, Jay Larson, Michael Bisping, and more. Some episodes revolve around their comedian guests, some are our hosts answering Patreon questions about what is and is not garbage. This is their trashy comedy game show which makes them the ultimate pieces and purveyors of junk, so don’t be offended by anything they’re saying.

Fan favorite episodes are typically the return of past guests, who have truly had time to marinate on what makes them garbage. They come back with funnier, trashier stories than ever before, digging themselves deeper and deeper into the landfills of their lives. Jay Larson’s episode also receives numerous recommendations from their die-hard fans.

“Are You Garbage?” is great, consistent content for anyone looking for a way to eat up an hour. The two hosts have incredible chemistry and keep each episode fresh. Also, they are giving you tons of content for a new icebreaker game to play with friends and family – coworkers and strangers if you’re gutsy. Be sure to check out “Are You Garbage?” if you’re on the hunt for a new comedy podcast.

Listen to ‘Are You Garbage?’

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