‘Wild ‘N Out’ alum B Daht shares the real, Black cultural history of normalized words, phrases, and stories on ‘#IDKMYDE’

Society & Culture March 23, 2022
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B Daht realized he still had a lot to learn and embarked on a knowledge quest, eager to share his findings with the world. B Daht dove into learning about history and began posting on Instagram with the hashtag #IDKMYDE, “I Didn’t Know Maybe You Didn’t Either.” This concept segued into bite-sized podcast episodes exploring the real history of historical figures, Black cultural words, context, and stories, presented by The Black Effect Network.

During Black History Month, “#IDKMYDE” released daily episodes. So far, the series has released 28 episodes, all less than 5 minutes each. Stream the podcast in any order with informative episode topics including “Blackface Origins in Clowning,” “Wooden Teeth or Cap?” and “The Dunking Booth.” Despite the sensitive and heavy nature of many “#IDKMYDE” episodes, B Daht lightens the mood with humor sprinkled throughout.

Did you know the Lone Ranger was a man named Bass Reeves, the first Black deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River who never got shot? There is more info about Black cowboys and the movie The Harder They Fall in episode 10.

In a recent episode of Podsauce, the podcaster and Wild ‘N Out alum chatted with hosts Alesha and Dax about why he started the podcast. B Daht had a newfound “burning for learning” after George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin. The podcast delves into history with context for what he calls “reprograming the average miseducated American.” Why was the Christopher Columbus character he learned about in school different from the history he learned as an adult? And why was Columbus celebrated when holidays like Juneteenth were not federally recognized at the time? These are the sorts of questions B Daht is dedicated to investigating.

He told Podsauce about various podcast episodes including the dark origins of terms like Hush Puppies and Buck Breaking that he previously did not know about. He shared why Episode 11, “Uncle Tom,” shocked him. Alesha listened to the Tuskegee syphilis experiment episode and did not know its startling details before listening. Dax and Alesha tuned into the “The Term MF’er” episode, and they learned what the word referred to in times of slavery.

He unpacked the racist roots of nursery rhymes like “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” in episode 13. On February 12, an episode celebrated the history of NAACP. Episode 18 discussed where the term Jim Crow came from. Hear about sculptor and Harlem Renaissance figure Selma Burke, whose best-known work was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s portrait appearing on the US dime. 

We’re joining B Daht on his learning journey on “#IDKMYDE,” brimming with facts and history, because hey, maybe you didn’t know either.

Listen to ‘#IDKMYDE’

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