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True Crime November 15, 2021
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Barbara Schroeder has done it again, folks. The writer and director of Newflix’s true crime documentary series Evil Genius has teamed up with PodcastOne to create the true crime podcast you should listen to next. The chart-topping podcast “Bad Bad Thing” is a six-episode program telling the story of a loving wife, a lying husband, and an unsuspecting mistress. Content warning: strong themes of suicide and mental health problems.

“Bad Bad Thing” is disturbing, maniacal and unbelievable – so it’s the perfect true crime podcast. In it, you’ll hear the actual, chilling recordings from Jennair Gerardot as she documents her husband’s affair and her plot to end her own life as well as her husband’s mistress’. If you have not heard the story of Jennair, here is a brief rundown. On April 23rd, 2018, Jennair broke into the home of Meredith Chapman, the woman her husband was sleeping with. When Meredith arrived home that fateful day, Jennair shot and killed her before calling Meredith’s neighbors and turning the gun on herself.

Schroeder leads us through the unnerving twists and turns in Jennair’s story

From Jennair’s evolution from animal lover anti-gun activist to cold-blooded killer, Mark Gerardot’s odd interviews and money-making escapades bring about the murders of these two women. Schroeder is an experienced journalist and filmmaker, most recently heralded for Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist, which covers the story of the unsolved FBI case from Erie, PA that ended with a man being killed by a bomb strapped to his neck. She has also won multiple Emmy awards for her investigative journalism.

But “Bad Bad Thing” is so much more than the retelling of a crime that made national news. With the help of clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Schroeder unravels what was happening inside Jennair’s mind. Her video recordings of her saying goodbye to her pets and ultimately deciding to not jump from the 7th floor of her apartment building are just the start of the turmoil that was Jennair’s emotional state. What was once a kind soul became ravaged by betrayal and climatically ended on revenge.

Hear Schroeder’s interviews with Mark Gerardot, listen to some of the secretly recorded conversations between him and Jennair, listen to recounts from Mark’s friends about their suspicions of her from the start. “Bad Bad Thing” is gruesome and frightening, as well as a heartbreaking tale of a broken marriage taking a toll on a deteriorating mind.

Listen to ‘Bad Bad Thing’

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