Bailey Sarian is killin’ it on the true crime podcast scene with ‘Murder, Mystery & Makeup’

True Crime November 4, 2021
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If you’re a fan of Bailey Sarian’s YouTube videos by the same name as this podcast, “Murder, Mystery & Makeup,” you’re in luck! Bailey is now posting audio-only versions of her wildly-popular, multitasking video series where she has been blending makeup, the macabre, and the most gripping true crime stories since 2019.

Since the start of her YouTube channel in 2013, which at first was all makeup tutorials, Bailey has garnered millions of fans and followers while branching out on the true crime series scene. “Murder, Mystery & Makeup’s” dramas are as swooping and dramatic as her winged, liquid eyeliner, in the best possible way.

Bailey also hosts the podcast and YouTube series, “Dark History,” taking deep dives into fascinatingly scary true crime stories. In “Murder, Mystery & Makeup,” you’ll hear Bailey’s straightforward storytelling, ranging from death by chocolate to wives who murdered their husbands.

So far, Bailey has posted the Jeffrey Dahmer episode that was originally posted to YouTube in 2020 and condensed it for an optimal, audio-only experience. Listeners will hear a short, 23-minute episode of how socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland was convinced she could “fix” her son with incest in the 1960s.

Bailey reminded listeners of Armin Meiwes’ notorious cannibal case, the guy who was sent to prison in the 2000s. In 2001, Armin found a victim online who volunteered to be eaten by Armin. Armin and Bernd Jürgen Armando Brande, who replied to Armin’s online ad, both ate Bernd’s body parts, and videotaped this with commentary, before the victim was killed.

Armin stored Bernd’s body in a freezer and continued to eat the body for months. In December 2002, Armin was arrested after he posted more advertisements searching for future victims online. Police searched his home and found more than enough evidence to send Armin to jail for life. It is reported that Armin now eats a vegetarian diet in jail.

In a recent episode, Bailey shares how Cordelia Botkins’ jealousy turned deadly. In the 1880s, she married, left her husband, then started dating another married man, John Presley Dunning. Cordelia convinced John to leave his wife, and anonymously wrote Mrs. Dunning letters even after John left her, telling her to stay far away from John. John was a journalist and was called to report on the Spanish-American war, and Cordelia was left alone.

Fearing John would leave her, Cordelia sent Mrs. Dunning a box of arsenic-poisoned candies with an accompanying note. Mrs. Dunning and her sister-in-law died after eating the treats, and somehow her two children survived after also digging into the candies. Cordelia’s note was traced back to her through handwriting analysis, and she received a life sentence in 1898, however, she denied her involvement in the crime until her death.

Check out Bailey’s YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing the complete videos from “Murder, Mystery & Makeup.” This podcast is an Audioboom Studios production, with new episodes posted weekly.

Listen to ‘Murder, Mystery & Makeup’

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