9 baseball podcasts bringing you quality analysis, interviews, and predictions all season long

Sports April 5, 2022

With the lockout over, Major League Baseball is officially coming back on April 7! Since Opening Day is upon us, we’re coming at you with some baseball podcasts to take you through the season. We have podcasts taking you where no podcast has gone before with Audacy’s “Inside the Monster,” a new fantasy podcast that’ll help you finally beat Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak, and podcasts hosted by MLB legends.

Whether you’re looking for athlete interviews, a breakdown of every single statistic this MLB season, or you just need some baseball talk to pass the time, we’ve got it all. Check out these 9 baseball podcasts getting us hyped and keeping us hyped all season long.

Inside the Monster

Listen to ‘Inside the Monster’

Audacy’s “Inside The Monster” is a brand new podcast bringing Red Sox fans an unparalleled look into the inner workings of the 21st century’s greatest baseball team. Hosts Steve Perrault and Joey Coppon are talking to players, club personnel, reporters, front-office personnel, and more about the biggest trades, news, and storylines for unprecedented insight into the Boston Red Sox.

Locked On MLB

Listen to ‘Locked On MLB’

Obviously, “Locked On MLB” is the place to turn for all things Major League Baseball. Comedian, TV producer, and podcaster Paul Francis Sullivan is previewing the league, honing in on the biggest trades, debating hot button items like rule changes and implementations, and diving into anything else happening in baseball. There are no days off with this Locked On Network podcast; you can hear a new episode every single day from the start of the season till the bitter end.

Beat the Streak

Listen to ‘Beat the Streak’

Can you “Beat the Streak?” Matt Spiegel hosts this brand new podcast all about the MLB.com fantasy game of the same name. His daily 15-minute-long episodes will provide all of the highlights, strategies, and headlines you need to know to beat Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak.

Deep To Left with Bucky Dent

Listen to ‘Deep To Left with Bucky Dent’

Two-time World Series winner Bucky Dent hosts his New York Yankees podcast “Deep To Left with Bucky Dent.” On this podcast, he speaks with friends and former Yankees, shares stories from his time in the league, and offers some perspective on just what’s happening with his former team.

Talkin’ Baseball (MLB Podcast)

Listen to ‘Talkin’ Baseball (MLB Podcast)’

Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien, Jake Storiale, and former MLB Player Trevor Plouffe are “Talkin’ Baseball” every single day. Anything you need to know, they’ve got it covered. Also, they were recently crowned the cream of the crop of all baseball podcasts at the Sports Podcast Awards, so you know they’re legit.

The Athletic Baseball Show

Listen to ‘The Athletic Baseball Show’

Five days a week, a rotating cast of baseball’s greatest writers and thinkers guide us through the MLB season of “The Athletic Baseball Show.” From trade rumors to analytics to big name interviews, they are hitting all the marks of quality, quantity, and entertainment on this Athletic podcast.

R2C2 with CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco

Listen to ‘R2C2 with CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco’

Let baseball legend CC Sabathia and veteran sportscaster Ryan Ruocco navigate you through the biggest stories of the week in the MLB, NFL, and NBA. On their weekly podcast “R2C2 with CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco,” the two speak with friends and athletes about their paths to the major leagues, hear from experts on their season predictions, and more.

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast 

Listen to ‘Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast’

If you’re all about the numbers, then it sounds like “Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast” is your jam. Ben Lindbergh of The Ringer and Meg Rowley of FanGraphs are breaking down every single stat with special guests three times a week on this intelligent and entertaining podcast.

The Rumor

Listen to ‘The Rumor’

In 1997, a power outage in Baltimore caused an Orioles and Seattle Mariners playoff game to be postponed. All in all, it really wasn’t very noteworthy, but somehow, a spicy rumor erupted from the darkness – a rumor that it was actually the team’s star who caused the outage. Bluewire’s “The Rumor” is a true-crime style investigative podcast about a rumor that somehow ensnares both Cal Ripken Jr. and Kevin Costner. What’s the truth? Does it matter? It’s goofy, a bit sad, extra nostalgic, and perfect for baseball fans who all but forgot about that 1997 night.


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