‘Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits’ knocks it out of the park for MLB’s ‘Beat the Streak’ players and baseball fans

Sports June 27, 2022
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Audacy’s “Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits” is for fans of MLB’s Beat the Streak fantasy game. Every weekday, join host Matt Spiegel (The Score – Chicago) for breakdowns, tips, and context to beat DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak and the chance to win a $5.6MM prize. Listeners can look forward to hearing MLB’s “Beat the Streak” highlights, strategies, leaderboards, and headlines.

In 1941, Joe DiMaggio kept it rolling with a hitting streak of 56-straight Major League Baseball games, holding the record for over 80 years. Major leaguers like Pete Rose got close to beating the record to no avail. Paul Molitor and Jimmy Rollins were painfully close when they neared 40 hits. Over the last 20 years, new players and everyday people in fantasy leagues have tried to beat the streak.

In daily “Beat the Streak” gameplays, users pick 1 or 2 players they think will hit on that day. If they hit, the streak continues, if they don’t, your score resets to zero. The game has been impossible to win so far.

Start the podcast’s 50+ episodes from the most recent release, running 10-15 minutes on average. Since April 2022, Matt shares advice for fantasy players, talks about baseball IRL, recaps games, and chats with guests from all arenas of Major League Baseball. They’ll also explore the art and challenges of hitting a baseball in interviews with players, podcast listeners, and BTS users.

On a recent episode, Matt caught up with former MLB shortstop Jimmy Rollins to share his experience with a 38-game streak across two seasons from 2005-2006. Bet QL’s Lucy Burdge joined an episode to share her BTS picks. During the last week of June, Matt recapped a successful Daily Double A, real MLB updates, Austin Hays’ amazing cycle, and which BTS leader went down.

We recommend “Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits” for baseball fans and sports bettors. If you enjoy this series, you might also like “Inside the Monster” and “You Better You Bet.”

To learn more about Matt, tune into his interview with Podsauce dropping 6/29.

Listen to ‘Beat the Streak Daily: Inside the Hits’

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