It’s reality TV without the cringey, scripted drama: ‘BEING Trans’ is a feel-good documentary series following the everyday lives of four trans people

Society & Culture May 11, 2022
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A new podcast from Lemonada Media’s BEING Studios, “BEING Trans” is described as reality television for your ears, but don’t worry if you hate reality television. This is the real deal: no manufactured drama, no toxic catfights, and (sadly) no housewives. It’s as real as reality comes.

For three months, a documentary crew followed four transgender people around their every day lives, recording all of the ups and downs that life hands us all. It’s real, it’s raw, and filled with a whole lot of heart. “BEING Trans” provides an in-depth look into the lives and journeys of four trans folks living in Los Angeles.

“BEING Trans” is a 6-part documentary podcast providing a unique, unfiltered look into the lives of four individuals. Episodes are under an hour long and should be listened to in order (just like how you’d watch your favorite reality television show).

Let us introduce you to the four people whose journey’s you’ll be listening to. We have Jeffrey, a transgender man and standup comedian who is navigating his relationship with his partner Emma, as well as his relationship with hormone shots (which he’s been putting off). Then there’s Mariana, a Guatamalan transwoman who left her home country to seek asylum in the United States due to hate crimes and anti-trans sentiment she dealt with there.

There’s Sy, a nonbinary transgender legal assistant who is navigating new family and relationship dynamics with their husband and new baby. Lastly, we have Chloe, a new resident of Los Angeles and new to the dating scene as a trans woman.

“BEING Trans” isn’t a reality program pushing storylines or emphasizing barely-there drama for the shock value: you’ll be fully invested in the lives of these four people before you know it. Refreshingly authentic and deeply moving, this entire show is more compelling than we’d ever expect. It gives reality television (reality audio?) meaning and purpose.

This podcast is being praised for its incredible execution and creative premise. Seasoned reality TV producers recorded hundreds of hours of live conversations, situations, and intimate, vulnerable moments of these people’s lives.

Hear Mariana take a trip back home and work through the difficult emotions and reopened wounds that accompany her. Hear Sy navigate their new transgender life after giving birth. Follow Jeff as he makes huge career decisions while Chloe tries out the treacherous LA dating scene.

“BEING Trans” is awkward, funny, touching, and so unique. For one of podcasting’s first dives into taking reality television to this platform, Lemonada’s BEING Studios knocks it out of the park. Be sure to check out “BEING Trans.”

Listen to ‘BEING Trans’

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