Celebrate Batman Day with 5 podcasts casting the bat signal

TV & Film September 17, 2022

Saturday, September 17 is Batman Day, honoring the superhero’s first appearance in 1939’s Detective Comic. This year, DC Comics announced various celebrations including screenings of classic Batman films, exclusive streams, free comics at select retailers, and more. We’re celebrating the occasion with podcasts casting the bat signal and chatting about the caped crusader.

On our list, we’ve included scripted adaptations of Batman’s adventures, news podcasts, and shows created by and for fans. There are episodes interviewing writers, artists, directors, and more from the franchise’s universe.

Batman: The Audio Adventures

Listen to ‘Batman: The Audio Adventures’

HBO Max’s “Batman: The Audio Adventures” stars Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as the Riddler, and a slew of Saturday Night Live alum. The scripted series is written and directed by Emmy-winner Dennis McNicholas, inspired by classic noir, and draws from over 80 years of Batman‘s adventures.

Holy Batcast

Holy Batcast – The All Batman Podcast

Listen to ‘Holy Batcast – The All Batman Podcast’

From Real Fans 4 Real Movies comes “Holy Batcast – The All Batman Podcast.” Tune in for a show by and for fans all about Batman‘s movies, comic books, games, TV shows, toys, and more. The series has released over 360 episodes since 2014.

Batman: The Audio Series

Listen to ‘Batman: The Audio Series’

In “Batman: The Audio Series,” Chris Buchheit adapts some of your favorite Dark Knight adventures. It’s a non-profit fan project that has released 2 different narratives titled “The Man Who Laughs” and “Year One.”

The Batman Universe Podcast

Listen to ‘The Batman Universe Podcast’

“The Batman Universe Podcast” shares franchise news, film reviews, TV show updates, book discussions, merch drops, and more in over 200 episodes. Tune in for interviews with an array of guests including super-fans, comic book professors, and current events like the Zach Snyder controversy.

Shanlian on Batman

Shanlian on Batman

Listen to ‘Shanlian on Batman’

Justin Shanlian, Tom Harper, and Kyle Davis cover all things Batman on this podcast. Previous guests have included writer Greg Rucka, artist/writer Lee Bermejo, artist Jorge Corona, director Brett Culp, and Forbes’ Mark Hughes.

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