New book smell: chip away at your summer reading list with these 4 story-worthy podcasts

Arts August 8, 2022

Let these book podcasts guide you through those lazy, hazy days of summer. If you’re looking to broaden your reading palate from your favorite genre selections and hear from guests like Oprah, check out “The Book Case.” Hear LeVar Burton’s handpicked gems on a fictional read-aloud series.

On “The Book Review,” The New York Times’ John Williams chats with editors, authors, writers, and more as they’ll share top picks and news from the literary world. For young listeners, check out the story-worthy series, “Books Between Podcast.” Happy streaming!

The Bookcase podcast art

The Book Case

Listen to ‘The Book Case’

Charlie Gibson and his daughter Kate Gibson are chatting with guests like Oprah and sharing their favorite reads on “The Book Case.” Tune in for new episodes on Thursdays for interviews with authors, tastemakers, independent bookstore owners, and more. This series is presented by GMA and caters to readers looking to break out of their usual favorite genre or “reading rut.”

The Book Review podcast art

The Book Review

Listen to ‘The Book Review’

The New York Times presents “The Book Review,” a weekly series interviewing authors and critics. Host John Williams also sits down with The New York Times Book Review’s editors to chat about the week’s top charters, their current reading lists, and they’ll share news from the literary world.

Levar Burton Reads podcast art

LeVar Burton Reads

Listen to ‘LeVar Burton Reads’

LeVar Burton selects some of his favorite short stories and reads them on this podcast. LeVar’s soothing voice and superb storytelling skills transport listeners to fictional and immersive worlds. Tune in for readings from authors like Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, and many more in episodes averaging less than an hour. This podcast is presented by LeVar Burton and Stitcher.

Books Between podcast art

Books Between Podcast

Listen to ‘Books Between Podcast’

“Books Between Podcast” is suitable for kids aged 8 to 12, teachers, parents, and librarians. Host, mom of two tweens, and 5th grade teacher Corrina Allen helps instill a love of lifelong learning with her series. Tune in for conversations on topics like graphic novels, the benefits of rereading, novels about hope and loss, and more in over 70 episodes.


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