Work it! 6 podcasts sharing global work stories, workplace dynamics, advice, and more

Business July 11, 2022

If you’re navigating your career path, we’ve rounded up some podcasts sharing insight and advice on workplace dynamics and culture. To hear stories from workers around the globe, tune into shows like “Rough Translation.” “Friends With Mental Health Benefits” chats with company founders and senior leaders about mental health at work.

For help with work-based dilemmas, be a fly on the wall for therapy sessions between colleagues, their bosses, and more on “How’s Work? with Esther Perel.” Hear from some of the world’s biggest innovators on “How I Built This with Guy Raz,” and you might find yourself inspired by their tales. Check out these work podcasts and more on our list.

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How’s Work? with Esther Perel

Listen to ‘How’s Work? with Esther Perel’

Couples therapist Esther Perel is helping people resolve work-based dilemmas on “How’s Work? with Esther Perel.” Tune in to hear co-workers getting acquainted to work from home setups and a doctor who wanted to leave his profession during COVID-19. In an episode, journalists were about to reach their breaking points in the newsroom.

One group of lobbyists is fighting for racial equality faced with dividing forces. Esther unpacks workplace dynamics, conflicts, and connectivity in therapy sessions you can join as a fly on the wall. Hear colleagues, co-founders, and more working through a variety of issues and the helpful advice shared. This series is presented by Esther Perel Global Media & Gimlet.

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Rough Translation

Listen to ‘Rough Translation’

This season of NPR’s “Rough Translation,” shares work stories from around the world interviewing an assortment of people about the ways we experience work culture, manage expectations, and how the meaning of work has changed over time. Hear about a scooter thief who led a “slacker revolution” and became an icon, stories from working remotely in Portugal, France’s suspended work/lunch law, a trans trucker, and many more this season.

Friends with Mental Health Benefits

Friends with Mental Health Benefits

Listen to ‘Friends with Mental Health Benefits’

Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi co-founded Shine, a mental wellness app. On the podcast, Marah and Naomi chat with entrepreneurs, company founders, and senior leaders to share how they manage their mental health at work. They will also discuss how they, as leaders, support their teams.

On a recent episode, Reshma Saujani (founder of Girls Who Code and the Marshall Plan for Moms) explained how workplaces can better support working women and moms. In another episode, Jen Fisher shared what she learned from feeling burnout at Deloitte.

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How I Built This with Guy Raz

Listen to ‘How I Built This with Guy Raz’

Hear from some of the brightest innovators behind major brands on “How I Built This with Guy Raz.” In episodes, the founders will chat about their journeys and the “movements they built.” Hear interviews with Paypal’s Max Levchin, entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Pitchfork’s Ryan Schreiber, and so many more in over 400 episodes. This series is presented by Wondery.

As We Work

Listen to ‘As We Work’

From The Wall Street Journal comes “As We Work,” hosted by Tess Vigeland. Tune in for episodes on the evolving workplace, interviews with people reevaluating their work life, and more. Tess chats with experts and Wall Street Journal colleagues on topics like your career journey, demanding change in the workplace, competence, negotiating with your boss, and networking without small talk.

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The New Way We Work

Listen to ‘The New Way We Work’

Fast Company deputy editor Kate Davis brings listeners insight on work, life, and what’s next in the future. Episodes share tips on dropping pandemic habits from your WFH setup, how to make friends at work, leadership lessons from pop culture‘s worst bosses, and what’s behind the new labor movement.

There are episodes on freelancing, managers’ missteps, workplace flexibility, the history of workplace benefits, and more. Check out over 160 episodes running less than 30 minutes on average.

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