Games, bizarre facts, and rivaling pets: 6 funny podcasts for kids

Kids & Family October 13, 2022

We’ve rounded up comedy podcasts and generally fun shows for listeners of all ages. Tune in to hear hosts play games submitted by listeners around the world. For kid-friendly fiction, join “Hank the Cowdog’s” adventures voiced by Matthew McConaughey.

To hear kids’ stories adapted into different creative mediums like sketch comedies, songs, and more, check out “Story Pirates.” There’s a series sharing true stories from rule breakers, rascals, rebels, and revolutionaries, suitable for listeners aged 9 and up. Scroll through to check out our complete list of funny podcasts for kids.

Dr. Gameshow

Listen to ‘Dr. Gameshow’

MaximumFun.Org’s “Dr. Gameshow” features listener-submitted games played by hosts Jo Firestone, Manolo Moreno, their comedian friends, and callers. They’ll power through original, hilarious, and absurd games from listeners all around the world.

Story Pirates

Story Pirates

Listen to ‘Story Pirates’

“Story Pirates” brings kids’ stories to life through comedy skits and songs. Hear creative works interpreted by celebrity guests, songwriters, and comedians in fun episodes for all ages. It’s always a surprise on what each episode holds, from singable tunes in all genres, LOL-worthy sketches, interviews with the stories’ authors, and more.

Hank the Cowdog

Hank the Cowdog

Listen to ‘Hank the Cowdog’

QCODE presents “Hank the Cowdog,” a fiction series voiced by Matthew McConaughey, the “Head of Ranch of Security” at a Texas Panhandle cattle ranch. In this series, Hank unravels mysteries, embarks on adventures with his sidekick Drover, and navigates his life filled with friendships, loyalty, and courage. You’ll also hear characters voiced by Jesse Plemons, Cynthia Erivo, Kristen Dunst, Leslie Jordan, Joel Edgerton, Scoot McNairy, Michael Shannon, and John R. Erickson.

Ooh You’re in Trouble

Listen to ‘Ooh You’re in Trouble’

Pod Squad’s “Ooh You’re In Trouble” is suitable for listeners aged 9-13. Episodes share true stories of rule breakers, rascals, rebels, and revolutionaries with experiences ranging from sneaking out after curfew to organizing protests, and opting out of homework.

The Plop

The Plop

Listen to ‘The Plop’

Kelly&Kelly Inc.’s “The Plop” is a sketch comedy series for 8 to 13-year-olds. Host Larry Dobbs searches the internet to share the most bizarre facts, sound bites, oddities, and more crazy, kid-friendy content in 10 episodes.

This Podcast Has Fleas

This Podcast Has Fleas

Listen to ‘This Podcast Has Fleas’

WNYC Studios’ “This Podcast Has Fleas” was the result of rivaling pets creating podcasts. Jones (voiced by Jay Pharoah) is a cool cat obsessed with autotune. He duels with Waffles (Emily Lynne), a dog who can’t stop chewing the microphone. This series also stars Benny the gerbil (Eugene Mirman) and Mr. Glub the Goldfish (Alec Baldwin). All 6 episodes are now streaming.


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