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Comedy July 17, 2021

The trio of Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett are on a journey to become smart-less no more. With a slew of heavy hitting guests every season, “SmartLess” has quickly risen to the top of the podcast charts. Whether their surprise guest is an old friend or about to become a new friend, “SmartLess” digs into how they got to where they are today.

Listen to this compiled list of some of their best episodes, featuring some of the greatest actors and comedians of our time:

Tina Fey

Listen to Tina Fey on ‘SmartLess’

Are there enough words to describe Tina Fey? The actor, writer, director, producer, and unbreakable Mean Girl is on the podcast to promote her new show Girls5eva and talk about how she got to where she is today. Listen to how Fey ended up on Saturday Night Live, the creation of her iconic shows and movies, and how her daughter became her parole officer.

Will Ferrell

Listen to Will Ferrell on ‘SmartLess’

The Will Ferrell joins the trio and threatens every single one of their jobs with just how funny he is. Apparently, after watching his father, a musician, go through the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, Ferrell was determined that his future contained a stable job that required he carry a briefcase into an office. Thank goodness exposure to SNL as a kid pushed him into the industry.

Adam Sandler

Listen to Adam Sandler on ‘SmartLess’

After being hired as a writer on SNL, Adam Sandler quickly rose up to be a featured player on the show, and the rest is history. While hearing about all of his legendary films is surely entertaining, he dives deep into what it’s like to be an actor in the volatile entertainment industry.

Jennifer Aniston

Listen to Jennifer Aniston on ‘SmartLess’

Jennifer Aniston explains why actors should never announce their retirement, why she didn’t do Leprechaun 2, and what makes her such a great party host. The “SmartLess” men try to push her into more directorial roles (something she has excelled in before) and discuss some of her favorite projects she’s ever worked on. Yes, Friends is one of them. But so is film Murder Mystery, which hopefully has a sequel underway.  

Ricky Gervais

Listen to Ricky Gervais on ‘SmartLess’

Ricky Gervais is simultaneously one of the funniest and the most serious men on the planet. Known for being an original cast member of The Office as well as his scathing remarks as the host of the Golden Globes, the uber-talented comedian and actor drops jokes and truth-bombs all over this episode.


Listen to Awkwafina on ‘SmartLess’

Awkwafina is one of the funniest women on the planet, but in this episode we get to hear her genuine and serious side. She chats about her music career, her relationship with her grandmother and Hollywood trying to profit on it, and creating her hit show, Nora From Queens.

Conan O’Brien

Listen to Conan O’Brien on ‘SmartLess’

Conan shows off why he is one of the greatest late-night talk show hosts, comedians, and entertainers of all time on his episode with “SmartLess.” He talks about being one of the last and only late-night hosts to interview Richard Nixon, skiing with Stephen Colbert, and how his family does not watch him on television.

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