Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these 11 outstanding podcasts

round up September 14, 2022

September 15 is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, and we are celebrating with some stellar podcasts recognizing the outstanding contributions and achievements Hispanic Americans have made to history and culture in the US and around the world.

Tune in for podcasts by Latinx creators like bicultural comedians sharing their experiences and journalists facilitating important conversations on identity, race, and politics. On our list, you’ll find shows highlighting art, culture, history, and stories. For stories centering on musicians, tune into “Anything for Selena,” “Alt.Latino,” and “Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez.”

For investigative journalism podcasts, stream “La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience” or exploring if James Bond’s character was based on a Dominican man’s life. Many of the podcasts on our list have versions available in English and Spanish. Scroll through our list to see our complete list of podcasts to stream this Hispanic Heritage Month.

Anything for Selena

Anything for Selena

Listen to ‘Anything for Selena’

Maria Garcia was 9 years old and lived on the Mexican-American border when her childhood icon was murdered. She experienced the community’s grief, chaos, and anger after Selena Quintanilla-Pèrez’s death. On WBUR’s podcast “Anything for Selena,” Garcia seeks to understand Selena’s legacy 25 years after her death – an intimate journey through love, loss, mourning, and what it means to belong in America.

In the Thick

In the Thick

Listen to ‘In the Thick’

On Futuro Media and PRX’s “In the Thick,” journalists/co-hosts Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela are discussing identity, race, and politics. Tune in for semiweekly episodes on topics like electoral power, cross-racial solidarity, a post-Roe reality, and more in over 590 episodes.

Latinx in Power

Listen to ‘Latinx in Power’

“Latinx in Power” is a technology-themed podcast by Thaisa Fernandes. Latinx leaders across the globe share advice, perspectives, and encouragement in episodes. Tune in for over 25 insightful conversations on experiencing your emotions, leading diversity and inclusion, and navigating life’s dualities – just to name a few episode topics.



Listen to ‘Rubirosa’

Was James Bond’s character based on a Dominican man named Porfirio Rubirosa? In Witness Docs’ “Rubirosa,” Dominican-American journalist and lifelong Bond fan Christopher Rivas investigates Rubirosa’s life and times. He was an international polo champ, a diplomat playboy, a pilot, a race-car driver, and allegedly became the world’s richest man twice. In this series, Rivas also shares what Rubirosa’s life taught him about family, code-switching, white-washing, Hollywood, success, and love.



Listen to ‘Alt.Latino’

NPR’s “Alt.Latino” highlights Latinx culture and arts in episodes filled with music, conversations, and stories. Recent, re-released episodes this summer dug through their archives and shared conversations with guests like Ibeyi, Latina punk band Fea, Ivy Queen, and more.

Her Dinero Matters

Listen to ‘Her Dinero Matters’

Former “extreme frugalist” Jen Hemphill presents this bilingual series for women to be more in charge of their dinero. Tune in weekly for tips to boost your financial confidence, hear interviews with the community, panel discussions, and actionable strategies to manage your own wallet.


Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez

Listen to ‘Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez’

Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino Sánchez” shares Chalino Sánchez’s story – going from working odd jobs as an immigrant to becoming a famous Mexican-American singing outlaw. In Sonoro’s 8 episodes, hosts Erick Galindo (in English) and Alejandro Mendoza (in Spanish), explores the “King of Corridos'” life and his mysterious death.


Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo

Listen to ‘Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo’

From Pitaya Entertainment comes “Hyphenated with Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo.” Co-hosted by 2 American Latina comedy stars, this series centers on culture, being bicultural, and what it means to identify with a hyphenated title. Tune in Thursdays for new episodes.

¡UY QUE HORROR! A Latinx Horror Movie Podcast

¡UY QUE HORROR! A Latinx Horror Movie Podcast

Listen to ‘¡UY QUE HORROR! A Latinx Horror Movie Podcast’

Jonathan Atkinson and Aileen Clark co-host “¡UY QUE HORROR! A Latinx Horror Movie Podcast” and dive into the world of Latinx horror films. They’ll watch a different horror movie each week directed by a Latinx director or from a Latin American country, for example. Tune in for over 90 episodes presented by Sonoro.

La Brega

La Brega

Listen to ‘La Brega’

WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios’ “La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience” is a seven-part series. Through narrative storytelling and investigative journalism, this podcast reveals how la brega has defined many facets of life in Puerto Rico. Episodes are available in English and Spanish. 



Listen to ‘Tamarindo’

Sonoro presents “Tamarindo,” a Latinx empowerment podcast covering pop culture, politics, “and how to balance it all con calma!” Join hosts Ana Sheila Victorino and Brenda Gonzalez’s educational, inspirational, and impactful conversations with guests on weekly episodes. They’re diving into race, identity, life, representation, and gender. In addition, episodes share news and mindfulness tips to keep it calm.

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