Answers to questions even Google doesn’t know: 7 inquisitive podcasts for the endlessly curious mind

round up May 26, 2022

Were you one of those (controversially labeled annoying) kids who couldn’t stop asking why? Well, there is no longer any need for you to wrangle that in, because these podcasts are asking the exact same thing. Why do people love true crime? Why are aphrodisiacs a thing? Why do placebos work?

We’ve got curious classics like “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness” and “Dear Hank & John” and some newer pods answering life’s little questions like “Call Me Curious” and “I’ve Got Questions with Mike Simpson.” No matter what “why” you’re trying to have answered today, you’ll find it here in these 7 podcasts for the curious mind.

Call Me Curious podcast art

Call Me Curious

Listen to ‘Call Me Curious’

Nikki Boyer (“Dying For Sex,” “The Daily Smile”) and Mr. Malone host “Call Me Curious,” a podcast about life’s most important questions like if aphrodisiacs actually turn you on and if ouija boards actually help us speak to ghosts. A new Wondery podcast, “Call Me Curious” is equal parts funny and informative as Nikki and Mr. Malone quiz people on the streets and speak with experts about tiger genitals or something. In just 30 minutes or less, they dive deep into the answers you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Listen to ‘Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness’

We mean, obviously we couldn’t make this list without JVN. With over 200 episodes of “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness,” you’ll find answers on just about anything. Hear all about what it’s like to be an ex-nun, find out the history of scissors, discover just what the Department of Education does, and so much more on this expansive podcast.

I’ve Got Questions with Mike Simpson

Listen to ‘I’ve Got Questions with Mike Simpson’

Looking for more of a bite-sized morsel to soothe your curious soul? In under 15 minutes, Mike will get all the answers he’s looking for about getting a good night’s sleep, what happens to all the merchandise made for the losing team of big games, why people love true crime, and more on “I’ve Got Questions with Mike Simpson.”


Listen to ‘Underunderstood’

And for all of those unGoogleable questions, be sure to turn to “Underunderstood,” where the four hosts dig past dead-end Wikipedia pages and Reddit threads that have been long abandoned to find you the answers you’re looking for. Especially if you’re a fan of “Endless Thread” or “Reply All,” this podcast is for you.


Listen to ‘Unexplainable’

“Unexplainable” is a podcast about everything we don’t know, but are desperately trying to figure out. Joined by various experts and Vox reporters every episode, Noam Hassenfeld tries to find an explanation for all of those unanswered science questions. From outer space to the five senses, find out everything we don’t really know on this Vox podcast.

Ologies with Allie Ward

Ologies with Alie Ward

Listen to ‘Ologies with Alie Ward’

If you want to get into the hyper specifics, then Alie Ward is your woman. On “Ologies with Alie Ward,” she is asking professionally obsessed scientists all of the questions we are dying to know. Whether it’s snails and slugs, ADHD, or Indigenous Cuisinology, find out way more than you bargained for with Alie Ward.

Dear Hank & John

Listen to ‘Dear Hank & John’

If you’re looking for really out-there questions, then “Dear Hank & John” is for you. Full of laughs and answers on life’s smallest questions, brothers Hank and John Green have truly covered it all. (And this podcast is even better if you’re weak for Hank’s TikToks.)

More or Less: Behind the Stats

Listen to ‘More or Less: Behind the Stats’

BBC’s “More or Less: Behind the Stats” tries to make sense of all the statistics that surround us. Releasing under-10-minute episodes on Sundays and longer, 30-minute episodes on Wednesdays, host Tim Harford and experts are doing some numerical fact checking on the news we are being bombarded with.

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