Permission to stream: check out these 6 podcasts about K-pop’s biggest stars

Music April 6, 2022

Maybe you’ve heard of a little band called BTS. Or Blackpink. Or ITZY, EXO, TWICE – you get the point. K-pop has absolutely exploded in the past decade – launching members of Korean boy bands, girl bands, and other solo acts into unprecedented levels of international fame. Their songs are topping charts all around the globe, and their fans can be found far and wide. And obviously, there are plenty of K-pop podcasts to check out.

We have podcasts dedicated solely to Korean pop music like “Kpopcast,” podcasts dedicated to Korean music and media like “Kommentary,” and podcasts all about what it means to be a fangirl (and how they’ve been the machines behind their idols’ unbelievable fame) like “That Fangirl Life.” Whether you’re already a part of the ARMY, or you’re just learning about K-pop now, be sure to check out these K-pop podcasts.


Listen to ‘Kpopcast’

“Kpopcast” is a music commentary podcast dedicated solely to the wide world of K-pop. They’re giving in-depth song and album reviews, speaking with people in the K-pop industry, telling us which songs we should have on repeat, and so much more.

Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam

Listen to ‘Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam’

While “Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam” ended with 2021, we can’t help but recommend it to everyone we know. K-pop artist and celebrity personality Eric Nam hosted this K-pop industry podcast for two years, hearing all sorts of stories about the people who have made incredible music and media. Charming, funny, and immensely talented, Eric truly has a knack for this whole podcasting thing, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.


Listen to ‘Kommentary’

Jemma Park and Lindsay Pearson work to stay afloat in the all-consuming wave of Korean music, TV, and pop culture in their podcast “Kommentary.” The two share their thoughts on BTS, the massive K-pop boy band Seventeen, Squid Game, ITZY, Everglow, TXT, and so much more. They also do special K-pop catch-ups to cover anything they may have missed in the wide world of K-pop, K-dramas, and everything in between.

GET REAL w/ Ashley, Peniel, and pH-1

Listen to ‘GET REAL w/ Ashley, Peniel, and pH-1’

Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi, Peniel of BtoB, and rapper pH-1 have been opening up about life, love, and their careers on their Studio71 and DIVE Studios podcast “GET REAL w/ Ashley Peniel, and pH-1.” Along with their guests, they’ve been diving into the inner lives of other K-pop artists, exploring adulthood, fame, and family. While we aren’t sure they’ll be back for a third season, they have over 80 amazing episodes to listen to.

Stanning BTS

Listen to ‘Stanning BTS’

BTS’s accolades are nearly too numerous to count, let alone write in this tiny blurb about “Stanning BTS.” Luckily, best friends Kayla and Bethany have got us covered. Together, the two ARMY hosts are talking about everything the international pop sensations are up to, giving us album reviews, updating us on the band’s latest plans, hosting roundtables with other fans, and much more. “Stanning BTS” is your one-stop comprehensive BTS podcast.

That Fangirl Life

Listen to ‘That Fangirl Life’

While “That Fangirl Life” is a podcast not solely dedicated to K-pop, there’s plenty of overlap to be found here. And it’s not just isolated to BTS, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, or even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they’re talking about the culture of being a fan, fanfiction, and the power of fan engagement. “The Fangirl Life” is confronting misconceptions about fangirls head on and championing female fans.


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