5 Marilyn Monroe podcast episodes to stream before watching ‘Blonde’

Celebrity September 23, 2022

Marilyn Monroe was an actress, comedienne, model, and singer who became one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars in the 1950s. The blonde bombshell’s career was hallmarked by many success and struggles, both personally and professionally. We’ve selected some podcast episodes about Marilyn Monroe to learn more about the legend before streaming Blonde on Netflix.

In these podcast episodes, you’ll learn more about Monroe’s life and times, mental health struggles, and how she was an early feminist pioneer. On a few episodes of “BADLANDS,” Jake Brennan shares Monroe’s history and the conspiracy theories that spiraled after her death. There are episodes diving into her childhood, her most memorable on-screen moments, how the industry exploited her, and more.



Listen to ‘BADLANDS’

In 2 episodes, “BADLANDS” host Jake Brennan chronicles Monroe’s story rising from the foster system to one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. Throughout her career, she grappled with addiction, anxiety, and depression and was entangled with prominent men like Frank Sinatra, Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, and President John F. Kennedy. Her relationship with JFK and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy was chaotic and resulted in conspiracy theories about her death that are still debated to this day.

You Must Remember This podcast art

You Must Remember This

Listen to ‘You Must Remember This’

You Must Remember This” released 4 Marilyn Monroe episodes, and 3 were part of the “Dead Blondes” season. Learn about Monroe’s parentless childhood, working in a wartime factory, her early days struggling as a model, breaking into the film industry, her turbulent love life, and more. An episode explored her public persona in the 1950s and focused on films like Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, and Bus Stop, Seven Year Itch, and The Prince and the Showgirl.

The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

Listen to ‘The Killing of Marilyn Monroe’

A360Media’s “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” is a 12-part series exploring how the bright Hollywood’s star became a tragic victim. This podcast navigates her journey from a casting couch girl hoping for success, drama, affairs, and more. Her death was a “probable suicide,” yet many questions have gone unanswered. Tune in to learn more about power, corruption, and the web of lies men spun to silence Monroe.

We Didn’t Start the Fire: A History Podcast

Listen to ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire: A History Podcast’

Crowd Network’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire: A History Podcast” is inspired by Billy Joel’s lyrics. Tune in for an episode on Marilyn Monroe’s life and times hosted by author and Marilyn superfan Shar Daws. Shar joined hosts Tom and Katie to talk about the blonde’s strength, intelligence, and why she was underestimated.

Even the Rich

Even the Rich

Listen to ‘Marilyn | Goodbye, Norma Jeane | 1’ on ‘Even the Rich’

Several “Even the Rich” episodes explore Marilyn Monroe’s life, influence, and feminism. Way before #MeToo, Monroe wrote an exposé called “Wolves I Have Known” about her “casting couch” experiences. Vulture film critic Angelica Jade Bastién spoke with hosts Brooke and Aricia about what Monroe taught us about how society treats women struggling with mental health. There are also episodes celebrating Monroe’s best films, and more.

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