Murders, mysteries, and manipulation: 11 must-listen ‘Morbid’ episodes

True Crime January 29, 2023

Wondery’s “Morbid” continues to dominate the podcast charts as a “lighthearted nightmare” and one of the funniest true crime podcasts out there. Hosted by autopsy technician Alaina and hairstylist Ash, the aunt and niece duo share their lifelong passion for horror and true crime with over 450 episodes. They’ve covered true crime cases and terrifying tales since 2018 including murders, celebrity deaths, mysteries, conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, and weird history. 

We’ve selected some must-listen episodes if you’re just getting into the series for the first time. Tune in for harrowing tales, disappearances, brutal murders, and other unthinkable crimes.


Episode 236: Lake Lanier

Listen to ‘Episode 236: Lake Lanier’

Hannah Truelove was killed near her home in Gainesville, GA near Lake Lanier. This town has experienced a slew of creepiness including allegations of hands pulling people underwater, submerged counties, and giant lake catfish. Aside from these, the town has reported several tragedies, deaths, and murders in and around the lake. Hear all about Truelove’s case and more crimes in this episode.

Episode 156: The Irish Vanishing Triangle Part 1

Listen to ‘Episode 156: The Irish Vanishing Triangle Part 1’

Over the years, the Irish Vanishing Triangle has been the site of 6 (and probably more) disappearances. This area refers to the 80-mile radius near Dublin. Part 1 of this episode arc contemplates theories and if there is a serial killer at work. The co-hosts discuss the women who vanished, including Annie McCarrick, Jojo Dollard, and Fiona Pender.

Episode 215: The Torture and Murder of Shanda Sharer

Listen to ‘Episode 215: The Torture and Murder of Shanda Sharer’

When Shanda Sharer was 12 years old, she met Amanda. Amanda had a tenuous relationship with Melinda Loveless. Shana started spending more time with Amanda, and Melinda grew jealous, threatening Shanda. Melinda told everyone she was going to kill Shanda, and no one believed she would. Melinda rallied some friends and hoped to trick Shanda into thinking Amanda was about to hang out with her. But when Shanda arrived, three of the girls tortured and killed her. Learn more about this case in episode 215.

Episode 256: The Hillside Stranglers Part 1

Listen to ‘Episode 256: The Hillside Stranglers Part 1’

The Hillside Stranglers were covered in three episodes. The co-hosts detailed Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi’s history and lives before they became murderers. In the first episode, hear backstories, how they met, and details from their first 2 murders.

Episode 164: The Twilight Murders

Listen to ‘Episode 164: The Twilight Murders’

Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham planned to kill Kim’s mother and sister before executing their plan on April 13, 2016. This case’s details are gory, disturbing, and absolutely horrific. Hear all about Twilight Murders in episode 164.

Episode 184: The Unbelievable Life & Crimes of Carl Panzram

Listen to ‘Episode 184: The Unbelievable Life & Crimes of Carl Panzram’

In part one about the twisted life of Carl Panzram, hear about his abusive childhood, his incarcerations, and his first murder. Part two dives into Panzram’s psychology, escape to Africa, pirate-like lifestyle, killing along the way, and murder confession.

The Farmville Murders

Listen to ‘Episode 187: The Farmville Murders’

20-year-old Richard Sam Mccroskey, a.k.a. Syko Sam, attended a horrorcore music festival with two girls he met on Myspace, 16-year-old Emma Niederbrock and 18-year-old Melanie Wells. Richard, Emma, and Emma’s friend Melanie planned to stay at Emma’s house after the concert. Richard believed Emma was his girlfriend. After they met, and Richard learned his feelings were unreciprocated, he murdered everyone in the house. Hear more about the Farmville Murders in episode 187.

Episode 230: Catherine & David Birnie Part 1

Listen to ‘Episode 230: Catherine & David Birnie Part 1’

Catherine and David Birnie’s story is shared in a few episodes. Part one shares how they met at age 12 and later became criminals. They worked together to abduct, rape, and kill women in Australia. Learn about their lives before the relationship and how the Birnies attempted to conceal their first two crimes. Part two examines the additional victims and the one who got away.

Episode 222: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 1

Listen to ‘Episode 222: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 1’

This episode brings listeners to England in the 1930s. William Herbert Wallace and his wife Julia Wallace were said to be “characters.” Julia wound up dead in their house and people began investigating William’s eccentricities, odd behavior, and a sketchy character that showed up. Learn more about this mysterious case in two episodes.

Episode 210: Willie Pickton Part 1

Listen to ‘Episode 210: Willie Pickton Part 1’

Former pig farmer Robert Pickton is believed to be one of Canada’s prolific serial killers in history. Learn more about his childhood, family life, and history leading to adulthood. This three-part episode covers his crimes, animal cruelty, what was found on his farm, how investigators identified remains, and more.

Episode 226: Tyler Hadley (Redo!)

Listen to ‘Episode 226: Tyler Hadley (Redo!)’

The hosts refreshed their Tyler Hadley episode in 2021. 17-year-old Hadley beat his parents to death then threw a party, while attendees had no idea that his parents’ bodies were buried under household items in a locked room down the hall. In this episode, the co-hosts shared new information, lightened some of the darker moments, and added clips from the first Hadley episode.

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