Binge-worthy: 10 podcasts all about Netflix favorites and must-watches

TV & Film February 9, 2023

Calling all Netflix flexers to check out these podcasts all about the latest shows, classics, and recommendations. There are companion podcasts going behind the scenes of documentaries and shows chatting with cast and crew from scripted dramas like Inventing Anna, The Crown, and Bridgerton.

With these Netflix podcasts, embrace your inner Lady Whistledown and hear podcasters spill the hot tea on what they’re watching and why you should be watching them, too. Some of these Netflix podcasts also pull together monthly, must-watch lists for y’all. Happy streaming!

You Can't Make This Up podcast art

You Can’t Make This Up

Listen to ‘You Can’t Make This Up’

Rebecca Lavoie takes listeners behind the scenes of Netflix’s documentaries and films with “You Can’t Make This Up.” In weekly episodes, she’ll chat with actors, filmmakers, and contributors who brought stories to life on screen. Recent episodes covered Gunther’s Millions, Pamela, a love story, Break Point, and Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street.

Skip Intro

Listen to ‘Skip Intro’

“Skip Intro” with Krista Smith shares weekly conversations with cast and crew from Netflix’s shows, films, specials, and documentaries. Recent episodes covered Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, The Good Nurse, All Quiet on the Western Front, and The Empress.

Know It All podcast art

Know It All

Listen to ‘Know It All’

Every other Wednesday, AsapSCIENCE’s Mitch and Greg gather questions based on Netflix shows and answer them on “Know It All.” They’ve got questions based on White Noise, That 90’s Show, Emily in Paris, and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio.

Nothing But Netflix

Listen to ‘Nothing But Netflix’

Every week, Rob Cesternino and Chappell are chatting about what they’re currently watching on “Nothing But Netflix.” They recently covered That 90s Show, Pressure Cooker, Physical: 100, The Recruit, and You People. This series is presented by Rob Has a Podcast | RHAP.

Netflix is a Daily Joke

Listen to ‘Netflix is a Daily Joke’

Daily episodes share bite-sized jokes from Netflix comedians. Short and sweet, episodes are under 5 minutes a pop. Hear comics like Amy Schumer joking about her proposal, Colin Quinn on the New York Personality, and what Bill Burr had to say about McDonald’s.

What to Watch podcast art

What to Watch

Listen to ‘What to Watch’

Entertainment Weekly’s “What to Watch” dives into the latest releases across all entertainment and recently talked about Penn Badgley’s return as Joe on You.

Bridgerton: The Official Podcast art

Bridgerton: The Official Podcast

Listen to ‘Bridgerton: The Official Podcast’

Like Lady Whistledown, host Gabrielle Collins gossips about the show with guests on the”Bridgerton: The Official Podcast.” Gabrielle interviewed cast and crew like actress Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington), director Tricia Brock, and many more. This series is presented by Shondaland Audio.

Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast art

Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast

Listen to ‘Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast’

If you’ve already binged Inventing Anna and cannot hear enough about con artist Anna Sorokin, this companion podcast is a must-listen. This podcast sits down with the show’s creator, Shonda Rimes, cast, crew, and journalist Jessica Pressler, who broke the story with New York Magazine in May 2018. We’ll also hear from more real-life people who inspired the on-screen, scripted drama. “Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast” is presented by Shondaland Audio.

Why Are People Watching This? podcast art

Why Are People Watching This?

Listen to ‘Why Are People Watching This?’

Hosts Dave, Justin, and Ashley watch #1 shows on Netflix and try to determine why they’re popular. They’ll unpack new episodes of favorites like You, true crime documentaries, medical dramas, ’90s sitcoms, Korean sci-fi, Hallmark Christmas films, and more. Their reactions are witty, insightful, and loaded with “that oh-so Canadian brand of wholesome irreverence and humble exasperation.”

The Crown: The Official Podcast

The Crown: The Official Podcast

Listen to ‘The Crown: The Official Podcast’

Edith Bowman hosts “The Crown: The Official Podcast,” a companion series following Netflix’s TV episodes. Go behind the scenes with the showrunner, writer, and creator, Peter Morgan, and cast members Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson, Helena Bonham Carter, and more.

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