9 chilling, new true crime podcasts and seasons to stream this December

True Crime December 7, 2022

We’ve gathered some of the newest true crime podcasts to stream investigating missing persons, mysterious deaths, cold cases, and other crimes. Hear a series exploring a former military member who got wrapped up in a religious cult, messy politics, and unexpected circumstances.

“Missing Justice” investigates a death and examines how this case connects to ongoing issues in Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples cases.

A new season of “Cover Story” examines billionaires with a “hero complex,” an ex-spy’s upended life, and how 2 friends were allegedly involved in illegal business dealings. “In the Red Clay’s” second season investigates a triple homicide with supposed ties to the Dixie Mafia.


Listen to ‘Undetermined’

In Tenderfoot TV’s “Undetermined,” investigative journalist Jessica Noll and former Detective Todd McComas dive into Jessica Easterly Durning’s disappearance from 2019 in New Orleans. A few days later, her body was found blocks away from her home. Jessica’s cause of death was not determined, yet evidence pointed to foul play. Learn more about the investigation in weekly episodes.

Cover Story

Cover Story

Listen to ‘Cover Story’

New York Magazine’s “Cover Story” is back for a new season about billionaires’ hidden truths, sex-trafficking operation allegations, and two best friends’ lives. This season unveils the story behind 2 friends’ illegal business allegations, their lies, their fallout, and an unfortunate series of text messages. It’s “a story of a billionaire with a hero complex,” an ex-spy’s story, and the reporters tangled in their tale.

American Psyop

Listen to ‘American Psyop’

MeidasTouch Network/Bunker Crew’s “American Psyop” shares Wes Clark Jr.’s strange and fascinating life story. Wes was raised by a NATO General and presidential candidate. Later on, Wes left the military, headed to Hollywood, and was subjected to foreign intelligence operations. He was knee-deep in a religious cult, questioned his reality, and got trapped in “a world of dirty politics, mercenary organizations and possible threats to American Democracy.” In this series, journalist Emily Bicks helps Wes unpack his life in weekly episodes.

In the Red Clay

Listen to ‘In the Red Clay’

“In the Red Clay’s” second season premiered in November. Host Sean Kipe explores an unsolved triple homicide from 50 years ago and learns new details that could close the case. The responsible parties were Billy Sunday Birt and Georgia’s “Dixie Mafia,” but Sean looks into any additional details that are missing from this story.

The Case

Listen to ‘The Case’

Barstool Sports’ “The Case” is now in its second season. This time around, the podcast investigates 23-year-old Sandra Birchmore’s death in 2021. Her body was found by Canton Police inside her apartment and the medical examiner deemed it a suicide. Sandra’s friends and family think something else might have happened. In the 19 months following Sandra’s death, three Stoughton Police officers resigned, one of which was the last person to see Sandra alive.

Missing Justice

Listen to ‘Missing Justice’

33-year-old mother Christy Woodenthigh was found dead on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. When her family arrived at her home, no police were there and Christy’s body was nowhere to be found. CBS News’ “Missing Justice” explores what happened, shares the federal investigation, and what resulted. Christy’s family was skeptical of the law enforcement officers assigned to investigate her case, and their revealing testimony uncovered their deepest fears. CBS News reporters Cara Korte and Bo Erickson examine Christy’s story and how the problems directly link to ongoing issues in Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples cases.

The Evaporated: Gone with the Gods

Listen to ‘The Evaporated: Gone with the Gods’

What happens to people who seemingly vanish into thin air? Jake Adelstein’s accountant disappeared the day before tax day in 2018, and this person is just one of the 10,000+ missing people in Japan that disappear every year. In The Binge’s “The Evaporated: Gone with the Gods,” Tokyo Vice author Jake and co-host Shoko Plambeck investigate the accountant’s disappearance and explore the world of “johatsu,” “evaporated people.”

Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks)

Listen to ‘Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks)’

Cloud10 and Cryptic County present the warmest “Welcome to Paradise (It Sucks)!” Host Andrew Tate (“Let’s Not Meet” and “Odd Trails”) is sharing the worst vacation stories ever featuring real people like you. Hear what unfolds when dream vacations turn into nightmares and become “a hell of a time.”

Finding Brittanee Drexel

Listen to ‘Finding Brittanee Drexel’

Brittanee Drexel was missing for 13 years and new information revealed in May 2022 brought some answers to long-held questions. In Unsolved South Carolina’s “Finding Brittanee Drexel,” investigative reporter Anne Emerson dives headfirst into the case, hears stories of swamp searches, and shares interviews with Brittanee’s family to uncover new details. Learn more about the suspect that confessed to Brittanee’s kidnapping and murder.

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