Fit for TV: shake up your screen time routine with 8 podcast sitcoms

round up October 25, 2022

If you love sitcoms and podcasts, dive into this bingeable list of shows. We’ve gathered some of our favorite podcast sitcoms that might make you LOL and keep you entertained in between watching your favorite TV shows.

“Dead Pilots Society” shares table reads of scripts that were developed by studios and networks but never produced. Fans of Friends might enjoy “Next Stop,” a podcast following roommates’ lives in a rapidly changing world. “We Fix Space Junk” and “Wolf 359” are absurdist sci-fi dramas. If you like dark humor and British accents, tune into “Wooden Overcoats,” a series about 2 siblings trying to save their family’s funeral business.

Valley Heat

Valley Heat

Listen to ‘Valley Heat’

Starburns Audio’s “Valley Heat” follows a freelance insurance adjuster Doug Duguay’s personal saga when he begins investigating sketchy activity in his Burbank neighborhood, Rancho Equestrian District. The podcast features original music from the band Cephalopods Are People.

Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats

Listen to ‘Wooden Overcoats’

A brother and sister Rudyard and Antigone Funn take over their family’s funeral business on “Wooden Overcoats.” When they learn a new competitor in town is run by Eric Chapman, and his parlor is cutting into their pie, they are ready to do anything to keep their business afloat. This comedy fiction series ran for over 4 seasons from 2015-2022.

Dead Pilots Society

Listen to ‘Dead Pilots Society’

“Dead Pilots Society” shares scripts that were developed by studios and networks but never produced. Episodes bring pilots to life with table reads from actors, in front of a live audience, and create a fun environment where laughter is key and no one gets fired. This series is presented by Andrew Reich (Friends, Worst Week) Ben Blacker (“The Writers Panel” podcast; co-creator, Thrilling Adventure Hour), and Noah Findling (The New York Times, Comedy Central).

Beef and Dairy Network

Beef and Dairy Network

Listen to ‘Beef and Dairy Network’’s “Beef and Dairy Network” finds humor in the livestock industry and the world of animal products with host Benjamin Partridge. Along with guests like Mike Wozniak, Tom Crowley, Nick Offerman, and Josie Long, episodes share the oddest news bulletins, craziest documentaries, and most outrageous medical myths.

Next Stop

Listen to ‘Next Stop’

Roommates Cam and Ally need to replace their former, newly-engaged roommate when they find Samuel Clemens. In the first season’s 10 episodes, catch the roommates’ trials and tribulations, work dilemmas, relationships, and more dramatic events occurring in your mid-to-late 20s. Multitude’s “Next Stop” captures a time when friends are moving on with their lives, the world is rapidly changing, and you might worry about falling behind.

We Fix Space Junk

Listen to ‘We Fix Space Junk’

Join smuggler Kilner and fugitive Samantha’s journey across the galaxy in the satirical series “We Fix Space Junk.” The duo avoids danger and meets bizarre beings when they work on different odd jobs. Fable and Folly Network’s podcast is a sci-fi comedy sitcom set in a dystopic future produced by Beth Crane and Hedley Knights from Battle Bird Productions.

St. Elwick’s Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast

Listen to ‘St. Elwick’s Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast’

Mike Wozniak’s “St. Elwick’s Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast” shares absurd takes on a fictional community’s life. Episodes unfold a uniquely hilarious world where listeners meet St. Elwick’s most hilarious characters along with the newsletter’s staff.

Wolf 359

Listen to ‘Wolf 359’

“Wolf 359” is an absurdist sci-fi character drama. Doug Eiffel, the communications officer for the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station, is not having the easiest time, now on Day 448 of its orbit around a red dwarf star called Wolf 359. At 7.8 light years from Earth, Doug does not know how long the mission will last. With his mission-mates chief Minkowski, crazy science officer Hilbert, and Hephaestus Station’s sentient operating system Hera, even the smallest task can turn problematic in this isolated, zero-gravity place. Catch up on over 90 episodes from the very beginning.

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