October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: learn more with these 4 educational, empowering, and community-building podcasts

Health & Fitness October 18, 2022

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to share its impact, encourage screening, and offer support. This month calls women to RISE, a “Rally in Screening Everyone,” and starts conversations about breast health and early detection.

This month, the National Breast Cancer Foundation emphasizes education, empowerment, and community building through a variety of activities, important days, and initiatives. October 13 is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day and October 21 is National Mammography Day. To learn more, visit the foundation’s website.

This month, we’ve selected Breast Cancer Awareness podcasts including shows that follow patients after their diagnoses, interviews with health care professionals, conversations with survivors, and more. Podcasts like “Breast Cancer Conversations” share positive episodes to support, educate, inspire, and spread hope.

Dying for Sex

Dying for Sex

Listen to ‘Dying for Sex’

Nikki Boyer’s best friend, Molly, received a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis and embarked on a personal journey. Before her death, Molly left her marriage and had various sexual adventures. In Wondery’s “Dying for Sex,” Nikki spoke with Molly throughout her treatment as she shared her experiences and past traumas. Both seasons dove into themes like healing, using the time you have left, and forgiveness.

Breast Cancer Conversations

Breast Cancer Conversations

Listen to ‘Breast Cancer Conversations’

Join the community with “Breast Cancer Conversations,” a podcast hosted by Laura Carfang and presented by Survivingbreastcancer.org. Tune in for positive episodes providing support, education, inspiration, and hope in stories from patients, interviews with medical experts, and oncology professionals.

Breast Cancer Stories

Listen to ‘Breast Cancer Stories’

Tune in for diagnosis stories told in real time. Season 1 shared 56-year-old Kristen Vengler’s story, a San Diego empty nester who was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer. Follow her journey through chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, breast reduction, radiation, and future moments. Hear Natasha Curry’s story in season 2, a palliative care nurse practitioner at San Francisco General Hospital who became a patient after her breast cancer diagnosis. “Breast Cancer Stories” is a biweekly series produced by The Axis.

The Boobie Docs: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Breast Cancer, Breast Health, & Beyond

Listen to ‘The Boobie Docs: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Breast Cancer, Breast Health, & Beyond’

Dr. Robyn Gartner Roth, MD goes beyond her popular social media presence (@theboobiedocs) to discuss breast cancer and breast health on this podcast. As a board-certified Radiologist specializing in breast imaging and image guided procedures, Dr. Robyn Gartner Roth shares information in fun and educational conversations with breast cancer experts, previvors, thrivers, and survivors. She is a 40-something Ashkenazi Jewish woman whose family has a strong history of breast cancer and BRCA.

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