Hefty theft! These 7 podcasts about heists, prolific robbers, and criminals still at-large are a steal

True Crime May 11, 2022

If you’re into true crime podcasts with a side of theft, then this podcast list might be a steal for you. We’ve selected 7 new and old podcasts about thieves. There are stories of robbing banks at gunpoint, told firsthand by perpetrators, and podcasts about some of the most prolific bank robbers of all time. Hear about a guy who got away with heists for years without drawing any firearms. In another series, hear Jake Brennan explore armored truck robberies.

Robber Joe Loya shared tricks from his trade on “The Score: Bank Robber Diaries” and walked listeners through his traumatic background. Of course, we included a series about the infamous con artist Anna Sorokin, who stole from businesses and individuals. For podcasts that cover different crimes each episode, check out “Heist Podcast” and “I Can Steal That!”

White Eagle

Listen to ‘White Eagle’

In 1983, a 25-year-old armored truck driver from West Hartford, Connecticut launched the biggest cash robbery in American history. Victor Gerena bound his coworkers before packing $7 million into a nearby vehicle and vanishing. Hear this bizarrely fascinating crime told over 5 episodes, and learn about the search for this guy who has evaded law enforcement for almost 40 years. iHeartPodcasts’ “White Eagle” is hosted by investigative journalist and true crime author M. William Phelps. Phelps joined Podsauce last season to chat about his other podcast, “Crossing the Line.”

Hooked podcast art


Listen to ‘Hooked’

Up until his arrest in 2014, Tony Hathaway was one of the most prolific bank robbers of all time. His streak included robbing 30 banks in one year within a 30-mile radius from his home. Before his career criminality, Hathaway was a design engineer for Boeing and worked on 747s while harboring his secret OxyContin addiction. In Apple TV+’s “Hooked,” journalist Josh Dean compiled over 3 years of interviews with Hathaway. This series also looks into America’s opioid epidemic. All 9 episodes are now streaming.

Armored podcast art


Listen to ‘Armored’

Podcaster Jake Brennan covered truck heists in audiochuck’s 10-part series, “Armored.” Some of the wildest crimes occur on the open road, and there’s a niche group of robbers that specialize in attacking moving trucks. Brennan is sharing cases, exploring the perpetrators’ motivations, and investigating how these crimes happen more often than you might expect.

Heist Podcast art

Heist Podcast

Listen to ‘Heist Podcast’

“Heist Podcast” released its last episodes (for now!) in December. But its plentiful archive of over 200 episodes is worth a listen. Hosts Matt and Sie delve into heists from history, newer robberies, and discuss criminals and investigators.

The Score: Bank Robber Diaries podcast art

The Score: Bank Robber Diaries

Listen to ‘The Score: Bank Robber Diaries’

Prolific bank robber Joe Loya is sharing how he successfully robbed 30 banks over 14 months on “The Score: Bank Robber Diaries.” Hear the “Beirut Bandit” share his journey from surviving an abusive childhood to becoming a thief, violent convict, ex-con, and writer. This series is by Acast Studios & Western Sound and produced by Ben Adair (“Dr. Death,” “Reveal,” and “Sterling Affairs.”).

I Can Steal That!

Listen to ‘I Can Steal That!’

“I Can Steal That!” is all about cons, scams, and heists. Host Pete Stegemeyer unpacks cases with a comic guest each episode. Hear about notorious heists like 1973’s United California Bank (UCB) Heist, Hushpuppi: The Billionaire Gucci Master, and more in episodes less than an hour on average.

Fake Heiress podcast art

Fake Heiress

Listen to ‘Fake Heiress’

“Fake Heiress” is all about the con artist socialite, Anna Sorokin, who convinced high society she was a multi-millionaire and proceeded to swindle people, banks, and hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hear the story over 6 episodes, presented by BBC Radio 4.

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