Celebrate National Friendship Day with these 10 BFF-hosted podcasts

round up August 7, 2022

We’re celebrating National Friendship Day with several jovial podcasts hosted by friends. Some of our picks sound like catching up with friends over brunch. On our list, hear from BFFs like Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata, Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, and Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings. There are pop culture podcasts, a true crime series, a rewatch podcast for Scrubs, and more feel-good shows.

Eminem’s daughter just started podcasting with her childhood best friend on “just a little shady.” Kyle Mizono and Anna Seregina dive into mysteries on “Truth Hounds.” For episodes on self-care, family, feminism, motherhood, and more, tune into “The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael.”

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Listen to ‘Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata’

BFFs Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata are chatting it up on their weekly podcast. They’re sharing life updates, hilarious anecdotes, and episodes that’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out with friends. Check out over 35 episodes running less than an hour each. This series is presented by Earwolf.

And That's Why We Drink podcast art

And That’s Why We Drink

Listen to ‘And That’s Why We Drink’

Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz host the funny true crime podcast “And That’s Why We Drink” loaded with witty banter, paranormal tales, true crimes, and more. We love hearing the two friends host and chat about creepy dolls, UFOs, murders, ghosts, and the unknown in over 350 episodes. Em and Christine also host Parcast’s series, “Rituals.”

For Colored Nerds podcast art

For Colored Nerds

Listen to ‘For Colored Nerds’

BFFs and cultural critics Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings dive into pop culture with celebrity guests, artists, innovators, and thinkers. Since 2015, they’ve discussed Black culture in over 100 weekly episodes that run an hour on average. A recent episode this summer ranked Beyoncé’s best songs with Bey enthusiast Sylvia Obell.

The Deep Dive podcast art

The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael

Listen to ‘The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael’

Jessica St. Clair and June Diane Raphael are exploring self-care, family, feminism, motherhood, Meghan Markle, and more on their podcast. They’re getting candid about their fears, joys, and tips on staying alive as they huddle around the “proverbial fire” and fuel comedic discussions.

An Acquired Taste Podcast image

An Acquired Taste Podcast

Listen to ‘An Acquired Taste Podcast’

On “An Acquired Taste Podcast,” friends Bethany Watson and Kathleen Heaney hang every week to share about their lives and the world’s weirdness. They chat about self-love, self-care, and dig into a random topic chosen each week. This series is presented by Audioboom Studios.

BFFs featuring Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards

BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

Listen to ‘BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry’

Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy, and Brianna Chickenfry chat about pop culture, celebrities, influencers, social media, and more on “BFFs.” Every episode is a surprise with entertainment news, hilarious anecdotes, and plenty of generational differences. Tune in for daily episodes presented by Barstool Sports.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach + Donald

Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald

Listen to ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald’

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are Scrubs co-stars and real-life friends remembering the TV show‘s most iconic moments on this podcast. They’re breaking down every episode, sharing behind-the-scenes stories, remembering their favorite moments on set, and talking about their real lives in 2022. On iHeartPodcasts’ “Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald,” fans and cast members join the fun for interviews and hilarious conversations.

Truth Hounds podcast art

Truth Hounds

Listen to ‘Truth Hounds’

On “Truth Hounds,” friends Kyle Mizono and Anna Seregina dive headfirst into mysteries like: why are some people always late? What is art? Why are some people mean? In this iHeartPodcasts series, they’re constantly joking around and having friendship fun with serious investigations that result in very few legit answers. But nonetheless, the podcast from iHeartPodcasts is a delight.

just a little shady podcast art

just a little shady

Listen to ‘just a little shady’

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade co-hosts “just a little shady” with her BFF Brittany Ednie. The two met in elementary school and have lots to share on the podcast ranging from life updates to pop culture news and hot takes. On the podcast, Hailie is giving listeners a chance to get to know her better and share some epic memories. The co-hosts invite listeners to write in with anonymous shady submissions to possibly be considered for future, weekly episodes.

PANTS with Kate and Leisha image

PANTS with Kate and Leisha

Listen to ‘PANTS with Kate and Leisha’

Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey met almost 20 years ago playing best friends on TV show The L Word. On “PANTS with Kate and Leisha,” the real-life BFFs are chatting about their lives, sharing advice, and they’re joined by guests where anything is open for discussion on the podcast. Past guests have included Ali Adler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kara Swisher, Tegan and Sara, and Dr. Sherry Ross.

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