Deadly love triangles, female killers, and more true crime: 7 podcasts like ‘Internal Affairs’

True Crime October 12, 2022

On Dateline’s “Internal Affairs,” host Josh Mankiewicz examines a murder in Colorado, the search for a costumed killer, and what happened when law enforcement had to investigate some of their own.

This series is about a love triangle that turned deadly, people living lies, and the results of bad choices. If you’re enjoying “Internal Affairs,” we’ve selected several similar true crime podcasts to add to your streaming queue. On our list, you’ll find serialized podcasts about murders, standalone cases, a series focusing on missing persons, and more.

The Seduction image

The Seduction

Listen to ‘The Seduction’

Dateline’s “The Seduction” is a real-life true crime saga that sounds like a film noir storyline. Driven by love, obsession, lust, and betrayal, hear how an affair between 21-year-old Jaime Ramos and his 56-year-old counselor Patty Presba led to Patty wanting her husband dead. This 6-episode series is hosted by Dateline’s Keith Morrison.

The Execution of Bonny Lee

The Execution of Bonny Lee Bakley

Listen to ‘The Execution of Bonny Lee Bakley’

In 2001, con artist Bonny Lee Bakley was found shot in a car in Hollywood. This podcast examines Bonny’s life, her marriage with actor Robert Blake, and her relationship with Marlon Brando’s son, Christian Brando. For years, Robert was the prime suspect and this podcast also dove into his trial. All 6 episodes of Wondery’s “The Execution of Bonny Lee Bakley” are now streaming.

Dateline: Missing in America image

Dateline: Missing in America

Listen to ‘Dateline: Missing in America’

Correspondents Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning investigate missing person cases submitted to Dateline on social media. Each episode, the missing person’s friends, family, and investigators will share clues and descriptions in hopes that listeners might remember something and contact law enforcement to solve the case.

Snapped: Women Who Murder podcast art

Snapped: Women Who Murder

Listen to ‘Snapped: Women Who Murder’

Oxygen’s “Snapped: Women Who Murder” releases audio-only versions of the TV show. This TV series has been airing for 29+ seasons, and you can catch new podcast episodes on Sundays. There are over 120 cases to stream in the podcast’s feed.

The Thing About Pam podcast art

The Thing About Pam

Listen to ‘The Thing About Pam’

The Thing About Pam” investigates Betsy Faria’s death involving the family’s friend, Pam Hupp, another murder, and facts that didn’t seem to add up. This podcast is hosted by Keith Morrison and was adapted from Dateline popular episodes on TV.

Dateline podcast art


Listen to ‘Dateline’

This classic true crime series shares current and past episodes in podcast form. Tune in for fascinating documentaries, mysteries, thorough investigations, and more in over 450 episodes.

Father Wants Us Dead podcast art

Father Wants Us Dead

Listen to ‘Father Wants Us Dead’

In 1971, New Jersey accountant John List murdered his 3 kids, wife, and mother. He fled to the other side of the country, vanished, and began a new life. Two journalists investigated and shared their findings on’s 10-episode podcast “Father Wants Us Dead.” The podcast learned more about their family, traced clues, dove into the killer’s psyche, and attempted to serve justice.

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