Murders, missing persons, and mysteries: 7 true crime podcasts to stream if you’re enjoying ‘Lost in Panama’

True Crime November 15, 2022

Before getting possibly “Lost in Panama,” Dutch friends Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers hiked through the jungle in 2014 and never returned from their trip. 2 months later, their remains and some personal belongings, including a camera, were found far away from their last known location. The girls’ digital footage was recovered and suggested something tragic could have happened to them on their trip.

In Kast Media’s “Lost In Panama,” journalists Mariana Atencio and Jeremy Kryt investigated the tragedy and searched for truths. If you’re enjoying this series, we’ve selected several true crime picks we think you might also like.

What About Holly?

What About Holly?

Listen to ‘What About Holly?’

In 1981, 2 decomposed bodies were found in the woods near Houston, Texas, and the victims remained unidentified for 40 years. In 2021, genetic genealogists identified the married couple as 21-year-old Harold Dean Clouse and 17-year-old Tina Gail. Investigators learned the couple’s daughter, Holly, was missing. In Fox Audio’s “What About Holly?” reporter Cristina Corbin learns more about the mystery that leads to a religious cult, interviews the couple’s family, and shares what new leads brought to the investigation.

Invisible Choir

Invisible Choir

Listen to ‘Invisible Choir’

“Invisible Choir” unpacks true crimes, shares original audio footage, and offers victim testimonials “to bring voice to the voiceless, and visibility to the invisible.” This series is presented by Reach Freaks | Kast Media. Check out over 80 episodes hosted by Michael Ojibway.



Listen to ‘Culpable’

Culpable” investigates different unsolved cases each season where justice has not been served. Season 2 examines pregnant 22-year-old Brittany Stykes’ death in 2013 when she and her daughter, Aubree, were shot while driving in Brown County, Ohio. Almost 10 years later, the murder is still a mystery and her family continues to advocate for justice. Season 1 examined Christian Andreacchio’s death that was ruled a suicide in 2014 while other evidence pointed to murder.

Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

Listen to ‘Obscura: A True Crime Podcast’

From Black Label Podcasting comes the biweekly series, “Obscura: A True Crime Podcast.” Episodes explore mysteries, murders, missing persons, and more true crimes presented by host Justin Drown. Over 160 episodes are available to stream.

Up and Vanished Trial of Ryan Duke

Up and Vanished

Listen to ‘Up and Vanished’

In “Up and Vanished” season 1, Payne Lindsey dove into Tara Grinstead’s case, a Georgia high school teacher who vanished in 2005. The podcast drew nationwide attention to this cold case and the investigation helped break new leads. In 2017, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested 2 suspects for Grinstead’s murder, and the second suspect, Ryan Duke, stood trial in May 2022 and season 4 covers Duke’s trial.

The Vanished

The Vanished

Listen to ‘The Vanished’

Host Marissa Jones investigates missing persons cases in episodes going past the headlines to share interviews with law enforcement, experts, the victims’ family members, friends, and more. “The Vanished” is presented by Wondery and has released over 350 episodes.

Fox Hunter

Fox Hunter

Listen to ‘Fox Hunter’

When 18-year-old Rhonda Sue Coleman was murdered in 1990, the case ran cold. For 30+ years, Hazlehurst, GA’s community has hoped to find answers to all lingering questions. Imperative’s “Fox Hunter” examined this case over 10 episodes.

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