‘Meet Cute,’ ‘Modern Love,’ and more podcasts to feel the love under the mistletoe this holiday season

round up December 19, 2022

Get cozy with cute podcasts to pull at your heartstrings this holiday season. We’ve included classics like The New York Times’Modern Love” and “This is Love” hosted by Phoebe Judge. “Meet Cute,” and several adorable shows by the fan-fave brand, release fun and lighthearted pick-me-ups for rom-com fans. Romantic comedy lovers might also enjoy “The Rom-Com Room” and “Deck the Hallmark” with episodes unpacking some of your favorite films.

Tune in for the cuteness and stay for the cringe with podcasts like “This is Dating,” where listeners become a fly on the wall for modern daters taking their game to the next level with fairy godparent coaches.

Meet Cute podcast art

Meet Cute

Listen to ‘Meet Cute’

“Meet Cute” is an adorable comedy fiction series with new, semiweekly episodes running less than 15 minutes each. They’re perfect pick-me-ups for romantic comedy fans. Start over 300 episodes from the first part of each story arc.

Deck the Hallmark

Deck the Hallmark

Listen to ‘Deck the Hallmark’

“Deck the Hallmark” spreads cheer and celebrates holiday films from Hallmark, Netflix, and Lifetime. Join hosts Bran, Panda, and Dan as they watch and review a new movie with their friends. This podcast is presented by That Sounds Fun Network.

This is Dating podcast art

This is Dating

Listen to ‘This is Dating’

Eavesdrop on virtual first dates with “This is Dating,” featuring modern daters looking to change their app-swiping ways and connect with help from a team of fairy godparent experts and coaches. The 4 daters are set up with potential matches and listeners are flies on the wall for their experiences. The team sends the daters questions and conversation prompts while dates are in session to nudge them along.

The Mistletoe Secret

The Mistletoe Secret

Listen to ‘The Mistletoe Secret’

On “The Mistletoe Secret,” self-proclaimed “Christmas investigators” Daniel Kunkel and Trey Plutnicki are getting into Hallmark Christmas movies and finding where their connective tissue lies. Check out over 100 festive episodes going beyond the Hallmark Cinematic Universe and covering films like Spirited, the Nutcracker, and Falling for Christmas too.

This is Love

This is Love

Listen to ‘This is Love’

Vox Media Podcast Network presents “This is Love,” hosted by Phoebe Judge since 2018. Stories highlight the many forms love takes as told by one guest each episode. You’ll hear true stories of friendships, life partnerships, breakups, parenting, and more stories that might make you break out the box of tissues. True crime fans might recognize Judge’s voice from the super-popular series, “Criminal.”

Modern Love

Modern Love

Listen to ‘Modern Love’

The New York Times’ beloved column shares classic stories and newer sagas on “Modern Love.” Hear true tales on all types of love and life-changing moments, some of which have been adapted into books and a TV series. Tune in Wednesdays for new episodes.

Love in Gravity

Listen to ‘Love in Gravity’

Harley & Co. and ViiV Healthcare present “Love in Gravity,” a weekly series reminding listeners of love’s impact with original stories. Hear standalone episodes featuring voices from Robin de Jesús, Harvey Guillén, Jessica Marie Garcia, Jason Genao, Wilson Cruz, Kevin McHale, Javier Muñoz, Jillian Mercado, and Karrie Martin Lachney.

The Rom Com Room podcast cover art

The Rom-Com Room

Listen to ‘The Rom-Com Room’

Hosts and rom-com fanatics Kendra Okereke and Mercedes Gonzales Bazan chat about their favorite movies, ones they love to hate, crushes, and more on “The Rom-Com Room.” The co-hosts will also share advice and invite listeners to reclaim romantic comedies instead of calling the genre a “guilty pleasure.”

When I Met You podcast art

When I Met You

Listen to ‘When I Met You’

Meet Cute presents “When I Met You,” a series inspired by true events spotlighting the feels, falling in love, awkwardness, happiness, sadness, and everything in between. Tune in for over 20 stories running less than 7 minutes each featuring performances from professional actors.

Cruise Ship

Listen to ‘Cruise Ship’

Meet Cute’s “Cruise Ship” sets sail with Queen Beatrice, cruise director Corby, Captain Karl, and crew members as they form “the perfect Bermuda love triangle” on board with the celebrity chef. This scripted series is by Pretty Little Liars’ author Sara Shepard. Stream the 9-episode story from the beginning to catch this high seas drama.

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