Get your Friday the 13th on with these 7 podcasts about the frightening, the unlucky, and the witchy

round up May 12, 2022

Hold tight to your rabbit’s foot and steer clear of mirrors, because Friday the 13th is upon us once again. As the only ghoulishly unlucky day of this calendar year, we here at Podsauce need to get spooky with it. We’ve concocted the perfect collection of podcasts for anyone to enjoy this Friday the 13th.

We’ve got horror movie podcasts and straight up horrifying paranormal podcasts that will have you triple checking that you locked your doors (and windows). We have fictional scary story podcasts to give you that spooky, old-timey radio drama feel, along with a classic podcast that’s just all about death. Check out all of these and more on this list of podcasts perfect for Friday the 13th.

FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast

Listen to ‘FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast’

Obviously, we had to start this list with “Frigay the 13th Horror Podcast.” This podcast is the perfect blend of horrors in the real world and horrors in the film world. Hosts Andrew and Matty talk current events, analyze corresponding horror films, and make us laugh, cry, and check the locks.

Uncanny podcast art


Listen to ‘Uncanny’

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: “Uncanny” is the scariest podcast we’ve ever heard. Danny Robins knocks it out of the park with this BBC Radio 4 podcast in which he listens to people’s scariest and most unexplainable stories before conversing with scientists, religious figures, and paranormal experts to see if they can explain.

Bone Marry Bury

Listen to ‘Bone Marry Bury’

Just one day of bad luck? Puh-lease, how about a whole year?! “Bone Marry Bury” is a new fictional podcast that follows the problematic Allie as she just tries to make it through 2022. Little does she know that this year she’ll bone, marry, and bury three men she meets at a New Year’s Eve party. The question is: who?

Ghostwriter podcast art


Listen to ‘Ghostwriter’

What’s better than a scary movie on Friday the 13th? “Ghostwriter” is a C13Feature podcast movie starring Kate Mara and Adam Scot. This psychological thriller follows former journalist Kate Michaels who is hired by elusive billionaire James Webber to ghostwrite a murder mystery. Things start to get real creepy, real fast as she begins to question how much truth is in James’ story.


Listen to ‘OBITCHUARY’

Spencer Henry and Madison Reyes are a little bit obsessed with death, but not in a weird way – more in a “it’s going to happen to all of us one day!” kind of way. Their hilarious podcast “OBITCHUARY” talks about everything from famous last words to famous last meals, body farms, body snatchers, the science of decomposition, and so much more. Also, they frequently read off hilariously petty obituaries that would have anyone rolling with laughter/in their grave.

Very Scary People podcast art

Very Scary People

Listen to ‘Very Scary People’

For a true crime tale to spook you out of your socks this Friday, look no further than “Very Scary People.” Over the course of six episodes, this podcast tells the shocking tale of a series of murders that took place in Amityville, New York in 1974. This completely puzzling case has been adapted several times in both novel and film form, so be sure to hear the facts right here with “Very Scary People.”

Rituals podcast art


Listen to ‘Rituals’

Nothing screams Friday the 13th more than the occult. We’re talking alchemy, sorcery, witchraft, and satanism. In this Spotify original podcast “Rituals,” Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer of “And That’s Why We Drink” are talking all about the dark arts and separating fact from fiction. Whip out those tarot cards and prep for a séance, because “Rituals” is everything we’re looking for this Friday.

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