Short on time? 8 of the best podcasts with episodes under 20 minutes

round up September 14, 2021

Do you love podcasts, but your schedule for entertainment only allows for twenty minutes? In addition, are you lacking time to find new podcasts to listen to? Then, you’re in luck! We’ve assembled a list of some of the best, short audios as possible listening options. We’re including shows covering politics, the news, pop culture roundups, science updates, historical facts, and more. A daily episode is an excellent way to start your day with facts and information you might be so interested in, you’ll share it with your friends.

Whether you’re throwing on headphones and looking for something to listen to during your commute or multitasking while doing errands, here are some informative, bite-sized podcasts you might want to check out.

The Daily Punch

Listen to ‘The Daily Punch’

Punchbowl News and Audacy’s Cadence13 present “The Daily Punch,” a recurring, weekday political podcast. With this show, you’ll be up to speed on politics and acquire a greater grasp on political issues. Hosted by Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman, each episode shares updates from Washington, Capitol Hill, The White House, and listeners learn about the issues faced that day. After hearing the news and the stories, the show encourages listeners to form their own opinions.

NPR’s Short Wave

Listen to ‘NPR’s Short Wave’

NPR and Short Wave Plus’ “Short Wave” is hosted by Maddie Sofia. In under-15-minute episodes, listeners can hear about science-based topics. Most importantly, many episodes are pertinent to current happenings, such as The Delta variant of the coronavirus. Besides discussing science news updates, Maddie is joined by guests to explain topics like why people find the texture of ice cream enjoyable.


Listen to ‘HistoryPod’

Scott Allsop releases HistoryPod every day. It’s a “this day in history” show reminding us of significant events from the past. Events span ancient history to our modern era. Most episodes are under three minutes in length.


Listen to ‘Motherhacker’

“Motherhacker” is from Gimlet, a Spotify Original. This show is a fictional drama following the life of Bridget, played by Carrie Coon. Since she’s broke and her ex-husband enters rehab, Bridget takes on a new job as a phone operator for an identity theft ring. However, when she enters the scam business, Bridget is torn between her dark web life and reality. Season 2 was recently released. Episodes are under 15 minutes long.

Short Stuff

Listen to ‘Short Stuff’

iHeartRadio’s popular show “Stuff You Should Know” releases tiny iterations of their production in “Short Stuff.” Hosted by Josh and Chuck, each episode runs under 20 minutes. You’ll learn new facts about subjects ranging from lemonade to the possible invention of smelling the Internet.


Listen to ‘TEDx SHORTS’

TED TALKS creates short, daily versions of their programs called “TEDx SHORTS.” Every morning, episodes are posted, and you’ll hear from some of TEDx’s greatest speakers. They’ll certainly share insight, ideas, and stories. This week, we heard from musician and podcaster Matthew Schifrin about his goal to create Legos for the blind. We also learned about the importance of tourism for towns, especially rural communities, thus stimulating the economy.

Rich and Daily

Listen to ‘Rich and Daily’

Wondery presents “Rich and Daily,” a daily gossip podcast covering the latest pop culture news. Hosted by Aricia Skidmore-Williams and Brooke Siffrinn, you’ll be up to speed in 10 minutes or less. Recent episode coverage includes the court’s response to Britney’s conservatorship, Cardi B’s kids’ birthday bash, and celebrity relationships running amok in the public eye.

6 Minute Vocabulary

Listen to ‘6 Minute Vocabulary’

From BBC World Service comes “6 Minute Vocabulary,” a healthy dose of new words, phrases, and grammar tips in under 6 minutes. With every listen, you’ll refresh on concepts like suffixes, acronyms, antonyms, and discourse markers. After walking through each topic, the hosts provide examples of how to apply these concepts in your writing or everyday conversations. New episodes are available on Mondays.

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