Happy birthday, Stephen King! Celebrate the horror icon with these 5 podcasts and episodes

Fiction September 21, 2022

Happy birthday, Stephen King! To celebrate the horror icon, we’ve gathered podcasts interviewing King and sharing adaptations of his stories. Also on our list, you’ll find fan-led podcasts dissecting King’s work and leading thorough discussions for horror obsessives.

“The Kingcast” chatted with the legend in March and welcomes an array of celebrity guests in weekly episodes to analyze King’s stories. “Strawberry Spring” is an 8-episode series based on Night Shift, tracking a killer and investigating unsolved murders near a fog-shrouded college campus in the 1960s. In another episode, hear LeVar Burton reading “Afterlife” from The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

Strawberry Spring podcast art

Strawberry Spring

Listen to ‘Strawberry Spring’

Strawberry Spring” adapts Stephen King’s 1978 short story collection, Night Shift, set in the 1960s at New Sharon College. For years, the murders went unsolved and a modern Jack the Ripper-like killer went dormant. Springheel Jack returns every 8 years and uses the dense fog to conceal crimes. This series features characters voiced by Garrett Hedlund, Milo Ventimiglia, Sydney Sweeney, Herizen Guardiola, Al Madrigal, Ken Marino, and Brec Bassinger. The podcast is brought to you by iHeartPodcasts and Audio Up, Inc.

Stephen King Cast

Listen to ‘Stephen King Cast’

“Stephen King Cast” deep-dives into the horror king’s work. Tune in for story recaps, theme analyses, detailed discussions, reviews, and more in over 300 episodes. This series is presented by Constant Reader.

Levar Burton Reads podcast art

LeVar Burton Reads

Listen to ‘Afterlife’ on ‘LeVar Burton Reads’

“Afterlife” is part of Stephen King’s collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. LeVar Burton reads this short story about William Andrews, a Goldman Sachs investment banker who confronts his life after dying on September 23, 2012.

The Archive Project

Listen to Stephen King on ‘The Archive Project’

In 2006, “The Archive Project” sat down with Stephen King. The podcast reposted this classic, 50-minute interview from August all about his life and career.

The Kingcast

Listen to ‘109: A Conversation With Stephen King’ on ‘The Kingcast’

2 years and 140+ episodes later, “The Kingcast” was thrilled to finally interview Stephen King in March. This series has also chatted with guests like Bill Hader, “My Favorite Murder‘s” Karen Kilgariff, actress Molly Quinn, director Greg Mottola, director Dan Trachtenberg, and many more in episodes presented by FANGORIA Podcast Network.

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