Check out these 6 brilliant trivia podcasts bringing bar game nights straight to your ears

Education May 27, 2022

Looking to dominate your next round of bar trivia? Wanting to impress even the trivia master with your knowledge? Maybe you just don’t feel like putting on pants to go to a bar right now – that’s valid, too. Either way, these six trivia podcasts have you covered.

These podcasts are hosting trivia all in their own unique ways. No matter what format you’re looking for in a trivia game, we hope you’ll find it here. Looking for some straightforward rounds of questions? It’s here. Want a little bit of banter and friendly competition thrown into the mix? We’ve got that, too.

Check out these six trivia podcasts that will help you stick it to the annoying teams at bar trivia.

Trivia Time

Listen to ‘Trivia Time’

Every week, “Trivia Time” is hitting you with five rounds of eight questions a piece, with rounds revolving around music, general knowledge, a classic trivia subject, a celebrity/pop culture round, and a connection round. Also, at the start of every episode you are given a bonus anagram to figure out by the end of the episode.

Triviality – A Trivia Game Show Podcast

Listen to ‘Triviality – A Trivia Game Show Podcast’

If you’re looking for a fast-paced game, be sure to check out “Triviality – A Trivia Game Show Podcast.” In this one, you just have to answer one question at a time while our four hosts (in teams of two) ponder aloud their answers. They also host monthly bonus episodes and mini-tournaments.

Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

Listen to ‘Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast’

Less of a bar-trivia round like the above podcasts and more like a bolster-your-knowledge-on-obscure-topics podcast, “Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast” is a delight. Each episode, either host Lauren or host Julie will give a little lesson on a random topic and then quiz the other host at the end just to see if they were paying attention. Funny, informative, and endlessly entertaining, “Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast” ticks all of our boxes.

Trivial Warfare Trivia

Listen to ‘Trivial Warfare Trivia’

“Trivial Warfare Trivia” is a mix of different kinds of trivia questions and many different personalities. Every week, hosts Jonathan, Chris, Carmela, and Ben team up with guests to duke it out each and every week. Episodes of this podcast are typically 90 minutes long (sometimes longer), so settle in for a night of pub trivia!

Quiz Quiz Bang Bang

Listen to ‘Quiz Quiz Bang Bang’

This is the perfect podcast to practice your trivia skills. “Quiz Quiz Bang Bang” is hosted by Annie and David Flora and consists of four rounds of four questions each, an extra Bang Bang Round after Round 2, and then three final questions that all somehow relate to each other (which you must guess). Easy enough? Jump on in to “Quiz Quiz Bang Bang” to test your knowledge.

Good Job, Brain!

Listen to ‘Good Job, Brain!’

“Good Job, Brain!” has been trivia lovers’ go-to podcast since 2012. Hosts Karen, Colin, Dana, and Chris host this part-game show, part-trivia podcast where they quiz each other on offbeat facts and topics. And with nearly 250 episodes on their RSS feed, you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of episodes to test your knowledge.

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