Phenomenal phenomena: 7 of the most intriguing podcasts exploring the unexplained

round up December 21, 2022

Our world is a strange and curious place. Get swept up in puzzling podcasts, unexpected events, mysteries, and wonders with our list of shows examining unexplained phenomena.

Some of these shows have episodes on true crimes such as mysterious disappearances and sketchy deaths. On our list, episodes investigate supernatural activity and cryptids like Bigfoot. There are deep-dives into internet phenomena, odd encounters, doppelgängers, weird noises, celestial events, and abductions.

Check out episodes sharing unusual reports on near death experiences, ESP, and intuition. Come for the strangeness, stay for the stories on our round-up of unexplained phenomena podcasts.

Unsolved Mysteries podcast art

Unsolved Mysteries

Listen to ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

Steve French explores inexplicable events and occurrences on weekly episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries.” The Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. and Cadence13 podcast continues the TV show by the same name that ended in 2010.

Uncanny podcast art


Listen to ‘Uncanny’

Uncanny” is one of the scariest podcasts out there. Host Danny Robins knocks it out of the park with this BBC Radio 4 podcast in which he listens to people’s scariest and most unexplainable stories before conversing with scientists, paranormal experts, and religious figures to see if they can explain. You’ll hear from skeptics and believers in over 20 episodes.



Listen to ‘Unexplained’

Richard MacLean Smith shares chilling stories on “Unexplained,” with bi-weekly episodes covering the strange and mysterious world. The podcast blends spoken word narratives, ideas, and history to investigate beliefs, perception, and reality. Now in its 6th season, the series has released over 200 episodes.

The Last Podcast on the Left

Last Podcast on the Left

Listen to ‘Last Podcast on the Left’

Last Podcast On The Left” covers all things horror from hauntings and mysteries to serial killers, cults, cryptids, and demons. Hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski share both true and fictional stories in over 750 episodes.

Holosky Podcast

Listen to ‘Holosky Podcast’

Steve and Kyle host the “Holosky Podcast,” covering the most unusual stories. From “Owl Man,” to what’s haunting the Andrew Family, ghost hunting, and “the first A.I. cryptid or demon,” episodes are equal parts frightening and unexpected.

Unexplained: True Tales of Unexplained Mysteries with Bestselling Author Steph Young

Listen to ‘Unexplained: True Tales of Unexplained Mysteries with Bestselling Author Steph Young’

Author Steph Young dives into fascinating, creepy, and mysterious cases on this podcast. Young investigates mind-boggling mysteries, unravels clues, and explores the characters involved in each case. There are episodes covering odd encounters, disappearances, secret societies, doppelgängers, supernatural abductions, and mysterious deaths.

Conspiracy! The Show

Listen to ‘Conspiracy! The Show’

Unpops Podcast Network presents “Conspiracy! The Show,” hosted by comedian and writer Adam Tod Brown. This series focuses on controversies and conspiracies on topics like Julian Assange’s extradition, the Paul Pelosi attack, and ABC News producer James Gordon Meek’s documentary, 3212 Un-Redacted, that was released just before the FBI raided his home and he seemingly vanished.

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