Friend breakups, unconditional love, and more: Jordana Abraham & her sister Dr. Naomi Bernstein answer listeners’ relationship questions on ‘Oversharing’

Society & Culture May 9, 2022
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From Betches Media comes “Oversharing,” a mental health and wellness podcast delving into all kinds of relationships. Betches co-founder and relationship enthusiast Jordana Abraham recruited her big sister and licensed clinical therapist, Dr. Naomi Bernstein, to co-host this podcast. They’re 10 years apart in age, and Jordana says her sister has doled out all kinds of advice over the years. Now, they’re teaming up to answer your burning questions on a podcast.

Jordana and Dr. Naomi want listeners to feel like they’re at brunch, working through problems with their BFF and therapist. As a newlywed, Jordana has some fresh perspectives. In episodes, the hosts will cover all kinds of relationships – from family to friendships, partnerships, co-workers, and how to handle everyday encounters with random people like customer service representatives. They’ll also share scenarios and help us understand why things might bother us.

Each episode, the hosts are reading through listeners’ emails, answering question submissions, examining ethical quandaries, and playing games with recurring segments. Since May, the series has released weekly episodes, each less than 90 minutes on average.

On the first episode, the sisters discussed their shared love of therapy, who gives better advice, and dove right into their first listener email. Friendship breakups are hard, and a listener’s email revealed an exchange between two high school friends in their 20s who drifted apart in recent years. The hosts analyzed the situation and shared advice for moving on.

Plus, Jordana and Dr. Naomi unpacked an article from psychotherapist and podcaster Esther Perel on “unconditional love.” They explored why this isn’t always the best advice and then discussed an age-old question about not going to bed angry. Lastly, they played “Triggered,” a game tackling a slew of touchy subjects.

Have a situation or question you would like answered in a future episode? Listeners are invited to email or leave a voicemail at (646)-363-6294 for consideration.

We’d recommend this series for fans of Jordana’s other podcasts like “@Betches” and “U Up?” If you also find yourself bingeing podcasts where you’re a fly on the wall of other people’s therapy sessions (“How’s Work?” and “Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel“), you might also enjoy “Oversharing.”

Listen to ‘Oversharing’

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