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TV & Film April 12, 2022
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“Better Things with Pamela Adlon” is the companion podcast to the critically acclaimed and award-winning TV show, Better Things, now in its fifth and final season. In episodes, Pamela will bring listeners behind the scenes of her creative process. She’ll share what it was like to start writing, directing, show-running, and starring in her own TV show as a 50-year-old woman.

Pamela is joined by inspiring guests like cast and collaborators from the series for fascinating conversations delving into their lives, passions, journeys, turning points, favorite memories, and hopes for the future.

In Better Things, Pamela plays Sam Fox, an actor and single mom to three kids: Max (Mikey Madison), Frankie (Hannah Riley), and Duke (Olivia Edward). Set in Los Angeles, episodes deal with family drama, growing pains, and tackling life’s wild ride with love, honesty, humor, and grace.

Sam looks after her aging British mother (who has questionable mental faculties) and lives across the street. Watch the final season as Sam is continuing to put her best foot forward with work, challenges, kid-raising, and finding time for herself. And the entire Fox family is moving into new life stages across season five.

“Better Things with Pamela Adlon” breaks down the fifth season, one episode at a time, and contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched yet. So beware! Start the series from episode 1 with all episodes running less than an hour long.

Episode 1 spoke with Pamela’s cast-mates, Diedrich Bader (Rich) and Kevin Pollak (Marion). Pamela’s old friend Carlos Sotolongo unpacked the TV show’s episode 502, “Rip Taylor’s Cell Phone.” He is also the podcast engineer for this series. Greg Cromer (Jeff) stopped by the third episode to discuss divorce, life, and recap episode 503, “Oh, I’m Not Gonna Tell Her.”

Pamela is an Emmy Award-winning actor, creator, director, producer, and writer. She previously voiced Bobby Hill’s character in the animated comedy, King of the Hill, among dozens of other notable TV and film performances. This series releases new, weekly episodes presented by Slam Book Inc. Catch new episodes of Better Things every Monday on FX.

Listen to ‘Better Things with Pamela Adlon’

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