‘Beyond the Blinds’ takes us back to the years that the paparazzi and gossip blogs reigned supreme, diving into the truths behind celebrity rumors

Celebrity March 29, 2022
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“Beyond the Blinds” takes us beyond the celebrity blinds posted in gossip blogs, newspapers, and magazines into the true reality of Hollywood. Filled with scandal, intrigue, and gossip all surrounding our favorite celebrities, hosts Troy and Kelli dive into the strange world of celebrities. Hosts Kelli and Troy dive into blinds (Hollywood gossip told through code) on people like Jamie Lynn Spears, Will and Jada Smith, Chris Pratt (also lovingly known as everyone’s least favorite Chris), Jake Gyllenhaal, and more. From disingenuous PR to actual scandals that shook the industry, these two are spilling all the tea.

Back after a short hiatus for their second season, “Beyond the Blinds” has just over 30 episodes on its RSS feed. Feel free to start anywhere in this series, whether it’s with your favorite or least favorite celeb, as episodes don’t need to be listened to in any particular order. Episodes are typically 60 to 90 minutes long.

We won’t lie, we just found out what “blinds” are. Basically, blinds are gossip told through code, except the only code is that names are changed. Details of the story are shared on gossip blogs and the sort (this is all sounds very millennial), and identities are typically revealed months later. These stories range from rumors of intense partying habits, adultery, the occasional random act of kindness, rumors of fake relationships and even PR marriages, and more. We are now understanding Gossip Girl a little bit more – cool.

All of their subjects don’t necessarily have sordid pasts; sometimes it’s just plain old scandalous gossip of the times – like Jennifer Aniston’s pot-smoking “addiction” in the ’90s and early 2000s. They’ve dug through Jimmy Fallon’s party boy reputation and the Smith’s eccentric ways. Kelli and Troy read off blinds from the past two decades to try to find the truth in all of the gossip. They dig into the lives of celebrities who have faced the worst of the paparazzi, like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and the celebrities who have managed to avoid mass negative speculation, like Pete Davidson and Chris Evans.

Podsauce’s very own Dax Holt appeared on “Beyond the Blinds” along with his “Hollywood Raw” cohost Adam Glyn. With Kelli and Troy, they chatted about their years working for TMZ, which celebrities like the paparazzi and which don’t, and their wildest celebrity encounters.

If you’re always on the hunt for more celebrity gossip, or you’re longing for the days when it was fun to see celebrities at fast food drive-thrus (since now we can just see them live stream their dogs for 12+ hours a day), be sure to check out this podcast. Decipher the reality from the fiction of the most salacious blind items with Kelli and Troy on “Beyond the Blinds.”

Listen to ‘Beyond the Blinds’

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