It’s ‘All That!’ ‘Big Orange Couch: The 90s Nickelodeon Podcast’ relives your favorite shows, movies, moments, and more

TV & Film August 16, 2022
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“Big Orange Couch: The 90s Nickelodeon Podcast” is a fabulous blast from the past, hosted by Andrew, Joey, Chris, Max, and more recurring guests. This feel-good podcast relives cultural touchstones, classic TV shows, films, events, music, songs, albums, video games, and books. The hosts will also share memories, observations, and trivia from that time, a totally nostalgic listen for millennials or anyone who loves a good pop culture history podcast.

“Big Orange Couch: The 90s Nickelodeon Podcast” has been going strong since 2017 with over 230 episodes ready to stream in any order. If you’re an OG Nickelodeon watcher or ’90s pop culture fan, scan the episode titles to start with your favorite TV series like The Amanda Show, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Rocket Power, Rocko’s Modern Life, and many more. Episodes run around 90 minutes on average, with longer Year in Review episodes often hitting the 3-hour mark.

There are podcast episodes ranking Nickelodeon content by theme, such as the best summer episodes, worst characters, favorite sick episodes, favorite first seasons, favorite new kid episodes, favorite friendship episodes, favorite acquired shows (ones that originally aired on different networks), favorite pilot episodes, favorite All That characters, and favorite game shows – just to name a few.

On a podcast episode all about the X-Files, the hosts ranked their 6 favorite episodes, close calls, guilty pleasures, and they discussed how they first found the series. The hosts will also share listener picks and letters.

Check out dozens of episodes covering Are You Afraid of the Dark, its themes (like favorite magical objects), and books like The Tale of the Restless House. In episode 59, the hosts interviewed AYAOTD’s co-creator D.J. MacHale and talked about the latest film, his writing influences, his experiences with the show, and ’90s nostalgia. Andrew and Joey ranked their 3 favorite episodes written and directed by D.J. MacHale.

On episode 111, David Martel (Teddy Forzman on The Adventures of Pete & Pete) joined the hosts to unpack David’s upbringing, memories from Pete & Pete, current projects, and more.

The Year in Review episodes recap the best moments and history from a chosen year. They recently dove into 2001 and shared takes on Scrubs, Lord of the Rings, GameCube, and more.

Around the holidays, the podcast will dive into festive Nickelodeon specials like CatDogula, Invader Zim’s Spectacular of Spooky Doom, The Wild Thornberrys: Gem of a Mom, SpongeBob’s SquarePantsChristmas Who?, and more.

Tune into Nickelodeon trivia episodes to boost your fact game. In fantasy football-style episodes, the hosts drafted their perfect Nickelodeon channel and compiled their picks for a Presidential cabinet made from Nickelodeon characters. They also write their own hypothetical episodes based on Nickelodeon shows and debate topics like animated vs. live action Nickelodeon, Kenan vs. Kel, and The Addams Family vs. The Munsters.

“Big Orange Couch: The 90s Nickelodeon Podcast” is a well-researched, entertaining, and a positively fun listen. Tune in semimonthly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Big Orange Couch: The 90s Nickelodeon Podcast’

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