6 bingeable podcasts to listen to on your way to Thanksgiving dinner

round up November 23, 2021

Whether you’re running a five kilometer Turkey Trot, travelling across the country, cooking the bird, or just trying to survive all of that family time, these six podcasts are here for you through and through. From stories of incredible human resilience (that will make you feel bad for finding it difficult to sit at the kids’ table) to current events that are still unfolding, these bingeable podcasts are perfect for a commute to and from the party.

Check out these six podcasts worth bingeing this Thanksgiving:

Slow Burn

Listen to ‘Slow Burn’

Each of “Slow Burn’s” six seasons tell the biggest stories of the 20th and 21st centuries. The moments that indelibly changed American culture and politics, causing seismic waves across the continent. This current season is covering the beating of Rodney King and the LA Riots that caused a tangible shift in the 1990s. Past seasons covered the United States’ invasion of Iraq in 2003, the rise of David Duke, the murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and Watergate. Each with eight 45-minute chapters, “Slow Burn” has been waiting for you to listen.

Fallen Angel

Listen to ‘Fallen Angel’

Turns out Victoria’s Secrets are worse than we thought. “Fallen Angel” is going back to the conception of the lingerie brand to confront the ways it has influenced sex, beauty, and desire through the generations. This Campside and C13Originals podcast looks at Les Wexner, the man who has been the head of the company for decades, and his association with Jeffrey Epstein, along with speaking to the real angels who bore witness to what goes on behind the curtain.

Breaking Waves

Breaking Waves: Seattle

Listen to ‘Breaking Waves: Seattle’

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice Chains all called Seattle home, and subsequently, we all called Seattle the home of grunge. “Breaking Waves: Seattle” is looking at the scene that defined ’90s rock, from it’s local roots to its radiowave domination. From its rise to its fall, its triumphs and tragedies, “Breaking Waves: Seattle” talks to the people who made this scene what it was and are looking to the people carrying it into the future.

The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial

Listen to ‘The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial’

By now, you must’ve heard the name Elizabeth Holmes. Once called “the next Steve Jobs,” she now faces decades in prison for fraud. Her company, Theranos, and it’s technology could have put millions at risk, but how did she do it? The first season of “The Dropout” looks at just what happened at the ill-fated company, while the second season follows her tumultuous case in court.

No Compromise

Listen to ‘No Compromise’

NPR’s “No Compromise” is the winner of the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Audio Reporting for reporters Lisa Hagen and Chris Haxel exposée on the far-right gun group No Compromise. Along with WAMU’s Guns & America, they are exposing how the three Dorr brothers have created a pro-gun group beyond the NRA, seeing them as too amenable on gun control. The story spirals deep into their ultro pro-gun Facebook, their family’s extreme religious beliefs (that has sought to eliminate public education, outlaw homosexuality, and replace all laws with Old Testament rules), and how they got so many people onto this uncompromising gun movement.

Against The Odds

Listen to ‘Against The Odds’

“Against The Odds” tells the incredible stories of resiliency that will give you the power to make it through your Thanksgiving dinner. From the Thai soccer team that was trapped in a cave, John McCain’s story as a prisoner of war, the Chilean mine collapse, and more, this Wondery podcast shows survival against all odds. A 5k and dinner with the whole family doesn’t sound so tough now, does it?

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