Internet killers, realtors killing clients, and more: ‘BINGED’ explores cases with common themes

True Crime January 21, 2023
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OH NO MEDIA’s “BINGED” highlights true crimes that share a common theme in mini-series episodes, diving into cases where the killers are quite similar, and the cases share certain elements. The series shares new perspectives on cases, follows forgotten leads, and explores some of the most disturbing crimes.

Since January, the series has released multiple episodes every other week. Stream the themed episode arcs from the beginning, with each episode running less than an hour on average. Upcoming themes could feature different killers who grew up in the same neighborhood, realtors who killed their clients at home showings, and more.

True crime fans might recognize host Payton Moreland from her other series, “Murder with My Husband.”

On the first episode, Moreland shared how killers found their victims on the internet. John Edward Robinson is considered one of the first serial killers to use the internet and targeted women in chatrooms. He is on death row for the murder of at least eight women in Kansas and Missouri.

Robinson lured some of the women with the promise of employment. Robinson would attempt to cover up the women’s disappearances by sending letters to their families, detailing trips or adventures they had together. He was previously convicted for crimes including embezzling money from jobs he worked, founding fraudulent organizations, securities fraud, check forgery, and mail fraud.

In the late 1970s, he set up a phony facade for himself in the community and joined the board of directors of a charitable organization. At this time, he joined the International Council of Masters, a secret sadomasochism cult, and became its “Slavemaster.” He brought victims to cult members’ events to be tortured and raped.

Later, Robinson was arrested when investigators found two women’s bodies in barrels on his property in Kansas. Three additional bodies were located outside his rented storage unit in Missouri.

Another “BINGED” episode about internet killers covered the “Dexter Killer,” Mark Twitchell, an aspiring Canadian filmmaker who was obsessed with the fictional serial killer and translated this into committing crimes.

Twitchell lured victims online, posing as a woman on dating sites. His victims thought they were going on dates and drove to his home, only to be brought into his garage “Kill Room,” similar to Dexter Morgan’s setup. Twitchell’s setup and killing MO nearly mirrored Dexter’s. Later, investigators found a deleted document on Twitchell’s computer titled “SK Confessions,” that he claimed was a film script. In this document, Twitchell apparently revealed his crimes, his preparation beforehand, and his procedure with the body afterward.

For more true crime coverage, check out biweekly “BINGED” episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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