Catch up on the latest headlines without derailing your day: 5 bite-sized news podcasts with episodes under 30 minutes

News March 22, 2022

We’ve rounded 5 bite-sized news podcasts with daily episodes to stay informed. These podcasts have episodes under 30 minutes, ideal for your morning commute, afternoon break, or anytime you’d like to catch up on the news.

On our list is a podcast sharing international updates. Hear hourly episodes under 5 minutes each. Tune into a podcast by The Wall Street Journal to hear about business, power, and money from the hosts, as they’re joined by WSJ journalists and guests like Dua Lipa. Another business-oriented podcast shares a nice variety of economy news with episodes under 10 minutes on average.

NPR News Now

NPR News Now

Listen to ‘NPR News Now’

Catch the latest news in five minutes, with daily episodes. Hourly updates share breaking headlines, world news, business, science, politics, technology, and more.

BBC Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Global News Podcast’

BBC Podcasts presents “Global News Podcast,” with episodes under 30 minutes on average. Tune in for two episodes each weekday and one per day on weekends. Recent episodes have been giving all of the latest updates on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

NPR Up First

Up First

Listen to ‘Up First’

NPR’s “Up First” shares the three biggest stories of the day in 15 minutes or less. Tune in weekdays at 6AM ET, with hosts Leila Fadel, Steve Inskeep, Rachel Martin, and A Martínez. Saturday episodes are posted by 8AM ET, hosted by Scott Simon. On Sundays, hear Rachel take a deeper dive into the headlines with episodes available by 8AM ET.

The Indicator from Planet Money

The Indicator from Planet Money

Listen to ‘The Indicator from Planet Money’

“The Indicator from Planet Money” brings you news on the economy, businesses, and more. Tune in on weekdays for episodes under 10 minutes. Recent episodes checked in on bitcoin, masks, the GDP, and musicians selling their song catalogues for millions. Other episodes explored rent control, investigated why McDonald’s ice cream machines are always broken, and a court battle over cheese. Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman joined an episode to discuss the book of essays she edited, Black Agenda: Bold Solutions for a Broken System.

The Journal

The Journal.

Listen to ‘The Journal.’

Hear the biggest headlines on Wall Street Journal and Gimlet’s “The Journal.” Hear about business, power, and money with new episodes on weekdays hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson. Dua Lipa recently appeared on an episode to discuss difficult business decisions in 2020, like putting out a record during the pandemic. She discussed her podcast and newsletter.


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